This weekend our Pastoral Associate, Catherine Rein and our Director of Missionaries, Will Rein, along with a few of our missionaries were set to take a trip down to Washington D.C. for the MARCH FOR LIFE. Unfortunately, a major storm is predicted to hit our nation’s capital with approximately two feet of snow. The Archdiocese Office for Life has cancelled the trip. Two years ago a smaller storm hit the area with a lesser snowfall but which resulted in a 14 hour bus trip down. The safety of the children is more important. I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support and I have asked the missionaries to oversee this year’s BABY SHOWER, which is being held this weekend. In light of the upcoming storm we will extend this event to next weekend.

I am in kind of a little bit of a pickle, that is, I had someone lined up to shovel/snow-blow our property for snowstorms, but that person has moved out of the area. Last year we were very fortunate that many parishioners stepped forward to take over this task. I am now pleading for volunteers…it doesn’t have to be every storm, but we have a snow blower and clearing the walks can be done quicker than one can imagine. I am also willing to pay someone to take over this task, so if you know of someone who is reliable and needs the work, please pass along their information. Your help in this matter is really needed.

Those who attend our Sunday 7:00pm Mass should be aware that we will not have Mass on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Honestly folks, we have less than a dozen folks who attend the Mass out of 120-150 people, and I’d like to watch the game with my 85 year old dad in Arlington. I have in the past tried to get a replacement priest, but they are all watching the game. Thanks for understanding.

On the weekend of Feb. 6th & 7th the MISSION GROUP is holding a ‘SOUP’ER-BOWL SUNDAY FUNDRAISER. At each of the Masses we will be selling soup with proceeds being used to purchase both $5.00 gift cards for the Boston homeless and $10.00 gift cards for bread and milk for area residents of the Marshfield Food Pantry.

I want to thank everyone who continues to donate food for the MARSHFIELD FOOD PANTRY and I’d like to encourage those who have yet to contribute to prayerfully consider becoming a donor. Some in our culture use the term ’karma’ and talk about good karma and how this happens when we are positive thinkers and doers. Fine enough! While there is a lot to what they say, I’d like to
think that when we do these good things we are becoming vessels of Jesus’ grace and love, that as a result we end up on the receiving end of God’s generosity….whether that is improved financial circumstances, better health or a better sense of self worth, I realize that we get what we give! I therefore want to encourage folks who ‘hold back,’ who are frugal, to step in to give this way. Read Will Rein’s column where he quotes Mother Teresa and speaks to the great dignity God gives us to help those who are marginalized.

We are sending 5 boxes of prescription bottles (3000) to the Malawi Project in Africa. Can you imagine we have collected that many! God bless your many kindness!