Happy Father’s day to all the fathers who work so hard to provide to our families! A quick shout out to my dad who constantly works in challenging conditions in Boston to provide for our family! All your hard work does not go unnoticed.
I have some exciting news to share with all of you: One month from today, 6 missionaries from St Ann’s will be traveling to Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day with millions of youth from all over the globe. I can’t wait for this life changing experience! WYD in Rio 2013 changed my life for the better, and eventually brought me to ministry at St Ann’s. I’m excited to see what fruits this trip has to share with our teens and adults. If you could please pray for us as we prepare for this important pilgrimage of mercy. More details to come as it gets closer!
This week’s corporal work of mercy is visiting the sick in the book Beautiful Mercy. I love how the book begins this chapter with the section:

“There is not a substitute for human interaction… you can send a gift or make a phone call, but nothing says you are loved like a personal encounter”.

I thought this was so true!
We are called to visit and comfort the sick, whether it be a person who is physically ailing, someone is mentally struggling or someone in emotional turmoil. In all of these ways, we can bring Jesus to someone just through our presence. I know that visiting the sick is a work of mercy that many in this parish hold to a high value because I personally hear about their concern and desire to bring communion or visit! It inspires me to really be present to those in need of God’s love.
In one way or another, we are here today at Mass because we ourselves have experienced God’s love and mercy. However, God’s gift requires a response! We are called to give the same love that God has given to us!
Yes, we can visit, heal and give comfort to another, even without being a medical professional. More often than not, we are often presented with an opportunity to be present to a person discouraged or emotionally distressed. In this way, we are also comforting those in need. There is always a need of visiting someone who is physically struggling as well. Very often I’m sure we won’t feel like we are doing anything, but remember that our presence is often a major gift in itself!
Mercy is love put into action. How is God asking you to act and remain open to assisting those in need of your presence?!