Welcome to Holy Week! I’m excited, all these reflections and preparations for Lent all come down to this one awesome week. Just like with anything in life, if you put everything into this week (attend Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Mass), you will get so much more out of it than you know! I hope you are just as excited as I am. Last week, I started to talk about intimacy, and the four types of intimacy: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual. Once you have experienced spiritual intimacy, you will understand that spiritual intimacy trumps all three of the other intimacies combined. That is the reason why I am encouraging you to grow in a personal friendship with Jesus. Through this personal relationship, I guarantee you if you invest in Jesus, you will get so much more in return.

Now, you might be asking,

“Will, why does this intimacy thing matter, and what does it have to do with me?”

Great question. So, the question is: do you search for happiness? The short answer is: as human beings, we all have this yearning for something more. Some like St. Augustine call it ‘restlessness’. We are constantly seeking to fill our restlessness with MANY different things that ultimately never satisfy and bring peace. The world will tell you what will bring you peace, but if you’ve tried already (like I have for most of my life) you will most likely come up feeling emptier than you did before. Ultimately, Matthew Kelly says our desire for happiness is really a desire for intimacy. I think he has a great point here: deep in our hearts, we all seek to be close to people in our lives, whether it be family, friends or spouses. Kelly’s point is that we need to fill our larger yearning for something more by building personal and close relationships with those around us.