A couple of weeks ago, we talked about extraordinary faith, especially from Mary at the Annunciation. Have you been interested in growing in friendship with Mary? In growing closer to Jesus’ grace? Again, I just want to repeat: Jesus’ Divine Mercy seeks to meet us in our misery and allow God’s grace and mercy to flow into our hearts. This week I want to focus on living trust through extraordinary love.
As I’ve grown in friendship with Mary, I have realized trusting Jesus has become more of a lifestyle. I’ve sought to un-harden my heart in whatever way God has asked of me (and I know if you ask with honesty, he will let you know how to soften your heart too!) I’ve been able to really “feel” and learn about God’s grace and love in an intimate way through softening my heart and growing in friendship with Mary. But how did Mary live an ordinary life with extraordinary love? She is up with Jesus and God in heaven right? What does that have to do with me?
Fr. Gaitley states that extraordinary love “consists in their efforts to keep trying, to keep striving to love God and neighbor in the small things: to do little things with great love”. Did you know, although Mary had several amazing moments including the Annunciation, the Visitation and was present at Pentecost, but that she also lived an ordinary life with great love? Although Mary was blessed among woman, she lived among the ordinary people. She cooked meals, changed diapers and washed laundry. Being the mother of God doesn’t just make these things happen on their own you know! (haha, that sounds cool though!). Mary’s ordinary life really gives just that much greater of a meaning to her faith and love. Not only did she prepare meals, change Jesus’ diapers and do laundry, but she did these small actions with great love. Jesus saw the heart of Mary, and Mary reflected this love back to God himself.
There are so many opportunities to love in ordinary ways with great love everywhere. I just know it! I see them at Roche Bros when someone asks me where the peanut butter or salad dressings are (yes, even those questions are opportunities to show love). It’s turning on and unloading the dishwasher for the family, or doing the laundry for your parents during a crazy week. That’s a few small examples, but I know I’m sure you could come up with many more from your life. God knows our heart, and our intentions with these actions.

If we seek to do these small actions with great faith and love, you will bring extraordinary love to those in your life.

Mary, our Mother, seeks to do the same for us through her actions, both her ‘Yes’ at the Annunciation and her choosing to change Jesus’ diapers. These actions will look the same from the outside, but Jesus will see your hearts and will rejoice at the extraordinary love being reflected from His heart.