From my family to yours, Merry Christmas! I hope and pray this Christmas is a special one for you! Last Christmas, and last Easter, you might remember that Fr. Carmichael generously gave away a book to each adult who attended mass. Last Christmas, it was the great book: Rediscover Jesus. This past Easter, it was Beautiful Mercy (another great book on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy).

This Christmas is no different, and I will personally tell you: you are in for something special.

This Christmas, Father has graciously given the book: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. I am personally reading this book thru a second time, having read it a few months ago, and it is really just an incredible book. There are 37 short chapters (and I mean short, the average chapter is just FOUR pages!) but each message has great meaning to help you achieve the happiness you are seeking deep in your heart.

Just in case you are on the fence about taking this great book, I thought I would post Chapter 2 here, so you can get a greater sense about Matthew Kelly’s message. I hope it speaks to you, and gets you to take a copy! This is from Chapter 2: Your Quest for Happiness:

We resist all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. But perplexingly, it comes down to this: we resist happiness. It’s perplexing because at the same time we have an insatiable desire for happiness. … I have been resisting happiness my whole life. I see it clearly now, but I didn’t always…. What is most disturbing and humbling is that even now that I know how resistance works, how to recognize it, and how to overcome it, there are still daily instance when I allow it to win….

What makes you happy? Do you know? Before we jump into that question, a better place to start might be this question: Are you happy? Most people think they are reasonably happy, and most people yearn to be happier. So, let’s do something about that…. It’s time to stop resisting happiness. It’s time to stop destroying our own happiness. Gossip, laziness, fear, excuses, negative thinking, ingratitude and jealousy are all destroyers of happiness.

You are on a quest for happiness. Working out what makes you happy is essential, but so is working out what destroys your happiness. Let’s explore why we all have such an ongoing desire for happiness.

Pick up the book: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly and I promise you, it won’t disappoint in your journey to happiness! Most importantly, let us know what you think about the book. 🙂

Merry Christmas!