In celebration of Laity and Mission Sunday I would like to celebrate our everyday heroes. This column isn’t going to be about St. Mother Teresa, St Faustina, or St. John Paul II. I want to give this column to the ordinary people out there. As a popular Christian band Casting Crowns says in their song, ‘Heroes’,

“Just ordinary people, laying down their lives like angels in disguise. They’re weak but always willing. They dare to do the hard things, and in the dark and desperate places no one else goes, You’ll find the heroes.”

I want to write this column about those everyday heroes that I’ve met in our own parish. All ages, from young teens to the wiser crowd among us, this letter is for you, and you know you who are:

Dear Hero,
Yes, you are in Marshfield, but I promise you that the extra time you put in to serving your neighbor is not going unnoticed. Not only is it not going unnoticed, but I want you to know you, yes YOU, are changing lives. Whether you are serving lunch at Carolina Hill, baking breads and cookies for anyone in reach, counting the collection after Mass, donating turkeys and hams to fill a family’s table during the holidays, donating your unused books to children in need of a good story, or defending the dignity and rights of your neighbors: know you are changing lives. You may never see the particular person you are changing, but, please know you are Jesus for them in that moment. You deserve a shout out, and this one is for you. You constantly inspire me. Thank you!
These heroes may be teens who despite a challenging home life and many responsibilities, choose to spend a day at Carolina Hill serving those who are homeless, or even giving up a week of their free time rebuilding houses in another state. Some people don’t think these generous teens exist in our world today, but I have a handful I could list right now, who I have been blessed to know in this parish. For those of you who continue to support our mission outreach program, making these life altering experiences possible for our missionaries, thank you. There is certainly more than just one of you out there, but you need to know personally: you are a hero.
This week be sure to let the heroes in your own life know how much you appreciate them. Do you want to be a hero? There is still time to be a hero for others, since in our parish there are so many small little ways to serve. Thank you for your humility, it has truly been an honor getting to know you. Let’s continue together to do heroic little things for Jesus…