It’s never too late to start!!! Follow along in our Lenten Mission series: The Best Lent Ever Program through Dynamic Catholic ( as well as reading one chapter a day of ‘Resisting Happiness’ by Matthew Kelly. With these resources by our side, we can take a major stand against resistance in our journey of making this the Best Lent Ever.

We are entering the home stretch! We are on the heels of the “holiest” week of the entire year. How has this Lent been for you? It’s not too late to make this the best Lent ever! Resistance may have won a good part of the war for your heart lately, but it’s never too late to take a stand and let Jesus in. Let Jesus in and take your heart while molding it into the plan that He has created for us.

As I mentioned at the beginning of Lent, we are in a battle between resistance and Jesus. There have been two important quotes for me in this battle of resistance. The first, as Kelly states, “Resistance hates strong, positive and recurring habits in our life.” This is so true, but the habits that include Jesus can really change our lives. All we need to do is take that risk! The second is what Kelly says on what is most important. He says, “The most important things are almost never urgent. That’s why it’s essential that we schedule them”. I know I’ve mentioned them both a few weeks ago, but they have resonated with me, and I hope hearing them again has helped you in this journey. They are very good reminders!

God wants to battle resistance with longing. I’ve realized this more and more in my own spiritual journey. Lately, God has enflamed a deeper longing in my heart for our true home of Heaven. Nothing morbid or anything (as the world would define it) but just a great longing to do His will in this current moment.

To be honest with you, I’m not exactly sure what that longing is, or the outlet for this longing, but God’s promise is encountered in this longing. God enflames a longing for Him. It’s a longing for our true home of Heaven, and a longing to go deeper in our vocation. When we prioritize this longing and the people that truly matter in this life, our life will change dramatically.

Jesus himself experienced this longing. However, often times this longing is alongside many challenges and deep suffering. What will you choose to focus on? Will resistance get the better of the battle? Or will you give God the time and space to build this longing in your heart? With this longing in our heart, our actions and habits change.

Holy Week starts next week! We still have time to prepare the path for Jesus to have a greater space in our heart. Are you willing to let him in? I’m hoping this has been the best lent ever for you personally, and that this upcoming Holy Week will only amplify this Lenten journey we have taken.