One of the last expressions of Jesus Christ on the Cross recorded in the Gospel of John is; “It is finished.” John 19:30 In Greek, the term “it is finished” is “tetelestai.”  It was a term used in legal contexts to state that a debt had been paid in full.  Papyri receipts for taxes have been recovered with the word tetelestai written across them, meaning “paid in full.” The love that God has for us inspires and demands our eternal worship, for as St. Justin exclaims, “We adore and love the Word born of the unbegotten and ineffable God since He became man for our sake, so that having become a partaker of our sufferings He might provide a remedy for them.” To fulfill our vocation in life we must strive to be like Christ; the object of, and reason for our existence and share in the Love of the Trinity. This threefold love is first, a symbol of divine love which Jesus shares with the Father and the Holy Spirit, secondly, a symbol of burning love, enriching the human will as its acts. Lastly, it is a symbol of a natural, sensible love whereby Jesus Christ possesses fully the power of feelings and perceptions more than any other human body. When the final moment arrives at Golgotha, on the cross, and all of Jesus’ words, actions, miracles, and commands of love during his sojourn on earth were complete; Jesus “crying out with a loud voice” said, “It is finished.” At this very moment, the Sacred Heart of Christ, beats with the threefold love of the Trinity, Christs love for His eternal Father, and mankind, as He anticipates the debt about to be paid in full. To be like Christ, we should always keep before us the very reason why we have been created; that, we come to know God, love God and serve God in this life, so that we will be supremely happy with him in the next. Thus, when coming to the end of our lives, we may as Christ did, say to God,

“The work that you gave me to do is accomplished and finished.”

Our Lenten observances end this week at the beginning of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday and the shortest season, the Easter Triduum, begins. Our Lenten journey together these past six weeks have prepared us well to adore the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ. This Holy week let us pray with Jesus and His Church in unity to our Father; “I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work which you gave me to do;” Jn.17:4.