“Anyone who has heard the Easter proclamation can no longer go around with a tragic expression on his face and lead the humorless existence of a man who has no hope.” Friedrich Schiller

Today is the birthday of Hope!

Jesus has risen from the dead!

He does not belong to the past but is present and alive today! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world because death was no longer the end of everything. Death no longer had dominion over Jesus and it has no more power over, we, who belong to Jesus. Christ’s Resurrection was not a return to a normal earthly life but one that was an entrance into a new way of being. Because Christ was raised from the dead he will never die again. This is our joy. This is our Hope.

But what does hope look like when the stories of our lives look as though the ending is bleak; when we are faced with illness, financial difficulty, and problems with our children or marriage? Hope counters fear and informs us that God is good all the time, and that the Truth is not always found in the ending, but in the here and now. Jesus precedes us in all things and all situations of our lives and He patiently anticipates our trust in Him. He waits for us as we enter the hospital rooms, serve and care for our loved ones, visit the homebound, the imprisoned or the heart broken. We are not alone. Hope is our soul’s anchor and is the power by which we long for what we were placed on this Earth to do; to come to know God, love God, to serve God so that we may find supreme happiness in eternal life with Him. It is an active virtue, since God’s Holy Spirit is given to us so to patiently hope for the Truth, to take part in the death and Resurrection of Christ, so to die to sin and live in the light of a new life in God. Happy & Holy Easter to you and yours!