Just when you thought I couldn’t start my column with another exclamation point sentence, I still can: Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! I hope you are really able to soak in this important day in the Church. We ended a few weeks ago on the topic of hope, and I couldn’t think of a better Sunday to discuss hope than Divine Mercy Sunday. Divine Mercy Sunday is all about hope.

As I’ve sought to grow in friendship with Jesus, I have really gotten to know His heart more and more. As I continue to learn more about Jesus and the depth of his Heart, I have to tell you, I’ve been directed in these two areas: seeking intimacy with Jesus and growing in close, personal relationships with those around me. This line from Matthew Kelly’s ‘SEVEN LEVELS OF INTIMACY’ really spoke to me:

“the foundation of the happiest people’s lives is an authentic experience of intimacy. They have people they can share their lives with. They have genuine interest in the people around them. They have great relationships”.

Since I’ve given my life over to Jesus, He has brought some incredible people into my life, and this still continues! It’s incredible what can happen when you are open to God’s plan for your life, particularly when you seek closeness to Him and His Heart of Mercy.

Matthew Kelly also mentions, “Intimacy is the process of mutual self-revelation that inspires us to give ourselves completely to another person in the mystery we call love”. I actually can’t think of a better way to describe Jesus’ Divine Mercy. Jesus yearns to provide His Mercy to you and your heart. He was willing to DIE for you to experience His Mercy, but also so you could share His Mercy.

A close friend of mine shared with me the ABC’s of Divine Mercy. The A stands for Ask. We really need to be humble enough to ask God for His Mercy. (Trust me on this one, he will give it to you, and in an overabundance.) We especially need to seek mercy from those we have offended. The B of Divine Mercy is to Be Merciful. We are called to give our God’s Mercy, through His grace. (But first, we must be merciful with ourselves, often the biggest challenge for me!). You need to realize that first: You are LOVABLE! And second: You are LOVED. The C of Divine Mercy is to Completely Trust. I think it is easy for us to accept trust, but is much harder to live trust. I can tell you from experience, the difference between saying, “Jesus, I trust in you!” and living it out is BIG. Equipped with these ABC’s of Mercy, I hope you have the opportunity to soak in this Easter Season (Easter is longer than one day!) and especially this Divine Mercy Sunday. Together, let us live in the Hope of the Resurrections & together proclaim “Jesus, I trust in You!”