Are you the type of person that starts a million projects, just to do something? Do you have, what it seems like, thousands of unfinished projects in your home? I am guilty of starting various things in one day, just to ‘keep busy’. How many of these projects that you undertake have an eternal goal? Put another way: Do these projects just ‘pass the time’ or is there a distinct purpose, that seeks to love God through another person? This is something that I try to keep in mind as I structure my day:

Am I giving this day for something greater than myself?

Hannah Brencher, a 2010 Alumna of Assumption College, wrote a memoir titled: If You Find This Love Letter. In her book, Hannah spoke about how she feels everyone is so afraid of what will happen when the screen shuts off. This is a great question to ponder: If all of your screens in your life shut off, how would you react? I know of several people that would lose their minds, almost immediately. Instead, Jesus asks that we keep the ‘something greater’ in our minds. As St. Mother Teresa says, “Do small things, with great love”. We are called, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to do small things on repeat, and to think of other people. As disciples, people don’t necessarily need to know everything about us, but that we are faithful followers of Jesus. Do you go out of your way to avoid being totally present? I recommend slowing down, taking some time to just enjoy nature, the company of the loved ones around us and even enjoy the presence of strangers. I will end this column with a recommendation from Hannah herself, which I think sums up this journey of presence and being well. “Be this person, who someone says: I didn’t know that person for long, I don’t even know their full name, but they are a part of my history.”(239) We are called to something more, disciples of Christ who seek the betterment of another and of society as a whole. Are you a part of another’s history? Most importantly, are you bringing God to this Earth so we can bring about His Story? God, let our name submerge and yours surface in order to bring your Kingdom to this Earth.