I talked recently about the Divine Mercy image, and the phrase: “Jesus, I trust in you!”. I love the phrase, but what does that mean to you?! What does it mean to me? And, Will, how the heck do I LIVE TRUST?! To be honest, this is probably one of my biggest struggles of my life currently: living with trust in God’s plan. What does it mean to live trust?

Starting with our lack of trust. We have a trust problem, and I know I have a trust issue with God. This all stems back to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve’s original sin. The effects of this original sin especially wound our ability to trust God, his plan and the mercy he continually pours out on us… When I first heard this, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I feel like if there is anyone who fluctuates more with God’s love and trust, its me. One moment, I “feel” God so strongly and want to trust Him more and more. The next day, I am struggling with trusting God’s love, mercy and the plan he has for me. Well, because of original sin, I have a trust issue with God. Realizing this has really helped me to see the reality of what it means to be human. But I’ve also recently learned: God has a secret weapon. Jesus has conquered death and sin, so He must have a secret weapon for combating this lack of trust. What do you think is God’s secret weapon?

I’ll even provide a hint: God’s secret weapon is actually a who: one more time for another guess?! God’s secret weapon for this wound of trust is our Blessed Mother Mary. Mary is God’s secret weapon to combat our original sin with trust.

Original sin seeks to harden our hearts to be less open to God and to spreading His love. Mary, on the other hand, seeks to soften our hearts in order to let God be more present in our lives.

This softening of our hearts lets God outpour his mercy and grace upon our own lives and the lives of others. This is the point that I truly understood about what Divine Mercy really is. Divine Mercy seeks to meet us in our misery and allow God’s grace and mercy flow into our hearts. Mary can play a vital role in softening our hearts to let God’s Divine Mercy flow in, so that we can trust in Him more. Wherever you are in your knowledge of Mary, I encourage you to grow deeper in relationship with our Blessed Mother. By asking Mary to soften my heart to God’s grace, I’ve noticed trusting Jesus brings my life a lot more peace and mercy.

To going beyond,
Will Rein
Mission Director