I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. If you would like to park in our lot this July 3rd for the Fireworks Display please do so…it is important to keep the driveway clear of any cars in case I am called to an emergency at the Hospital. We have a lot of folks who use the parking lot when they are taking a daily walk or going to the beach, I ask them to please park in the rear of the lot behind the parish center. We need to keep the main parking lot clear each day for Mass, funerals and other activities. We recently had a group of teens in their junior or senior year of high school use the lot, and when they left they left several Dunkin Donut ice coffee containers and a used feminine product…I was the one who picked up after them. My initial reaction was to prohibit parking in the lot, but after calming down I decided to just pass on the information and ask folks to police the grounds…even if its not our own litter, for the sake of the beautiful grounds lets pick the stray trash up. Also if you smoke could you be careful and not drop the used butt on our grounds…just bring it back to your car’s ash tray. We just spent $4,000.00 for our landscaper to clean up the grounds, which does not include our weekly lawn and hedge cuts.

This past week we had the roof on the rectory and garage replaced, which now matches the church and chapel roof. In the last months we have also replaced the doors to the both sides of the church and the chapel. This costs for the work was $80,000.00 for the church roof, $19,000. for the rectory roof and $22,000. for the doors, $9,000. for the electrical work, $6,000. for painting the woodwork, doors, archway, and assorted ceilings in baptismal area and rectory, and another $3,000.00 on the renovation of the church bathroom. The costs were covered by the Grand Annual, Movie stipend and Building and Renovation Fund. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to last year’s Grand Annual which totaled $101,000.00!!

How many of you sit in the assembly and can’t hear the readings, homily or prayers at Mass? Frustrating isn’t it. We continue to work on this sound system but this summer I want to bring in a company to help us address this issue and help develop an audio / video system that will improve the sound and communication systems in the church. In addition to developing sound systems that provide strong and clear sound, I want to install two flat screens in the front of the church which will be located closer to the top of eye level. The screens will be used for our social media projects, the archdiocesan Catholic Appeal, presentations for the Clergy Retirement Fund, and to provide short videos of the music which will be performed during Mass. In addition to this work, we need to start addressing issues in the Parish Hall, specifically, we need to replace the windows in all the classrooms as well as update the kitchen and replace the tables and 40 year old chairs we use in the main hall. This of course will require a good deal of money, and so, I would like to set this years goal for the Grand Annul to $90,000.00. This might seem high, but remember for 12 years I have funded major projects through the Grand Annual rather than instituting a Capital Campaign. If I am able to raise this amount, I am confident we will be able to avoid a larger Capital Campaign.

This past Thursday we sent out our solicitations for the 2018 Grand Annual, and I ask you to help me attain this worthy goal.


The Parish Office will run on limited hours this week in light of the holiday. See you at the beach. Ninety degrees. Yikes!