I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s TURKEY SANDWICH FUNDRAISER, particularly Joe McDonald who cooked all of the turkeys and then made the rice and stuffing, to Tom Connolly and his crew who put together the sandwiches, and to all those who helped us sell them. The funds for this will be used for our Youth/Adult Mission activity. For all of you who generously asked about the Lobster Roll fundraiser, we have scheduled it for the first weekend of August. Last year we had about twenty extra lobster rolls, which we donated to the Marshfield Police and Firefighters. The previous year we ran out of the rolls by the 10:00am Mass….I am hoping to be able to sell all of our lobster rolls this year, and so I would ask you to mark this on your calendar and be sure to come to Church that weekend with a big appetite.

Your love for the poor is a great blessing to the parish.

I also want to take a moment to thank Bob Gillis for the work he is doing on the railing around the church building which have become rusted and pitted. You may have noticed the work he has done by the handicap ramp. This is a lot of hard and tedious work requiring sanding and chiseling and this is being done by an 85 year old man. Bob is about as bad as my dad who at 87 is putting in a stone fence on the side of his property, and in the process, is bringing a lot of stress into his wife’s life. Let us pray for Bob’s wife Elaine, and my mom, that they may have patience in dealing with such stealth and generous men. For the rest of us, Bob and Ray provide us with an example of hope and perseverance. May we all have such energy and enthusiasm for life and the gifts that God surrounds us with!

I was pleased to receive a handful of GRAND ANNUAL pledges, which is amazing given that we mailed the letters last Thursday! Last year we were able to raise $101,000.00 and while I realize this was because we were undertaking a project to replace the roofs on the church, chapel and rectory, we still have much to accomplish in this fiscal year. This year we need to finish up our work in the church with replacing the carpets, moving the front pews, improving the sound system and bringing in an video component to this project. In addition we need to replace many of the windows in the parish hall, as well as renovate the kitchen and purchase and replace the furniture (in particular, replace the 30+ year old rickety chairs and many of the broken fold out tables).

Last weekend we finished the last fiscal year and began the 2019 Fiscal year. I am pleased to report that after all of the work we accomplished, we finished the last fiscal year with a Budget surplus. I had a meeting with the Finance Council Saturday morning of this weekend, and have already begun working on the Annual Report.

The Parish Council (Pastoral and Finance) summer party is scheduled for Friday Night July 20th. We have sent out invitations and ask members to r.s.v.p. to Mary Galia at the parish office. The following night, Saturday July 21st, we are holding our annual IRISH NIGHT with the Celtic K’s by the fish pond. We will have hot dogs and beans, chips and desert for sale. Please make a point of coming, and bring your Irish spirit with you.

This week, I and Chris Kerins (our choir director) are heading down to Baltimore for the Pastoral Musicians Conference. Each year we attend the conference and find new music to bring back to the parish. This year Chris has been asked to oversee a regional chant group, which is an honor bestowed upon him and us. Chris is filled with energy and enthusiasm, pray for me. (lol).