Chris Kerins and I had a great time at the National Pastoral Musicians Conference in Baltimore. It is wise to invest time and money into this trip as it results in a higher quality of sacred music for our weekly Liturgy.

Certainly music enhances and moves us in the way we experience our encounter with Christ.

If I want everyone in the church to sing all I have to do is play the Battle Hymn of the Republic, God Bless America, or some other patriotic song. If I want to turn to a traditional music all I have to do is ask folks to sing Immaculate Mary or Hail Holy Queen. These two types of music bring us back to our youth and move our very beings. I am moving the choir to the front of the church and making the necessary modifications to accommodate this change. Since the choir has come up front the number of people singing has increased significantly. I appreciate the many people who have asked that the music focus on upbeat songs, and to the degree that liturgical season allows (i.e. Lent doesn’t lend itself well to upbeat music) we will accommodate. This past year we were blessed to have a new member join the choir, and it is my hope we will be able to add a few more in the coming months. Also remember the choir takes most of August off and resumes in September.

I am pleased that GRAND ANNUAL pledges are coming into the parish and helping us to rebuild our savings account. Last year we raised approximately $101,000.00 and this was a record. It is my hope that we maintain this sense of urgency and raise $90,000.00. Once again we will need the support of our summer residents and snow birds. This year we need to improve the entire sound system and add an audio-video component. I would like to install two flat screen TVs in the front of the church and will soon be meeting with a vendor to evaluate the best position for these screens. They will be used to communicate announcements and provide us with short films. This will be another important component of social media outreach ministry. In addition we need a significant deal of work to the parish hall. Your support will helps us to continue to spread the gospel in Marshfield and surrounding towns. Consider making a pledge this week.

The Parish Council (Pastoral and Finance) summer party is scheduled for Friday night July 20th. The following night, Saturday July 21st, we are holding our annual IRISH NIGHT with the Celtic K’s by the fish pond. We will have hot dogs and beans, chips and desert for sale. Make a point of bringing your Irish spirit with you.

Just a reminder that we are sending a group of young people down to Panama in January 2019 for World Youth Day. This is an exciting time for the parish as this is our second time there, though with a smaller crowd (the dates fall during a school week). Our kids will get to know other kids in the archdiocese in a more personal way. I would ask you to pray for our missionaries that this might be a very fruitful trip. This year I will be joining the kids on the trip. The deadline for registration is soon, so please see me or Mrs. Rein if your are interested in attending.