On July 26th we celebrate the Feast of the Blessed Mother’s parents, Saints Ann and Joachim. Our parish was entrusted into the care of St. Ann, and for this reason we often ask her intercession for the growth of our parish. When we celebrate this feast, we also celebrate the institution of parenthood. Certainly to be the parents that God chose to give birth to a girl who would become the mother of our Lord and Savior was an awesome honor. One can deduce from this that Mary’s parents, who found God’s favor, were very faithful to the Covenant that God established with the Jewish people.

We should remember that when we chose to put our entire lives into the care of our Heavenly Father we can expect to be moved in ways that will bear much fruit for God’s Kingdom here, and when we are fully with Him in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Sts. Ann & Joachim pray for us!

On Saturday night we get together for our 11th Annual IRISH NIGHT with the Celtic K’s. The Knights of Columbus will be serving food at this event. It will be a nice night and a great opportunity to sing along with others and enjoy each other’s company on this nice summer night. I want to thank Joe Kodzis and his group for volunteering these nights the past 11 years!

The GRAND ANNUAL DRIVE continues and the checks and pledges keep rolling in. Thanks to all those who have pledged and if you have not please consider doing so soon. The goal for this year is $90,000.00 and it is twenty thousand over our regular goal; last year we raised $101,000.00 for the roof on the church, chapel, rectory and garage. As I near my twelfth year with you, I realize my time here is diminishing with each passing day, and so I feel greater urgency in the work we are doing. I can’t do anything after I move on, though I can do it now, but I need your financial support to ensure that when I do hand over the parish to another priest it will be a parish that is in tip top shape and on solid footing for the next twenty years. By the way, your next question will be, “are you leaving?’ and the response is NO! But one day I will have to.

I hope this week to have workers in, to remove two rows of benches up front (we are replacing benches that are split and in need of restoration), and shortly thereafter bringing in a company to replace the carpeting. The estimated cost on this work is approximately $10,000. We have some adjustments and additional equipment we need to enhance our sound system, but as I am sure you can tell the changes we made so far, have significantly improved, particularly the rear of the church. We still need to replace the mixer, add stand up microphones for the choir and wireless microphones for the clergy. I am looking into the feasibility of adding flat screen t.v. monitors in the chapel and church, and my objective is to find a way to incorporate them into the existing worship space in a way that minimizes it as a distraction (if this can not be done in a harmonious manner we will not install a video screen). We have received 10 new rectangular tables for the parish hall, along with 90 gray fold up chairs and two carts to hold them. We still need to replace the windows in the classrooms, as well as make other improvements in the kitchen and in the building.

I had to move back the Finance Council Quarterly meeting to next Saturday at 9:00am.

We had a great VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, and the theme was Surfing through the Scriptures. Thanks to Mrs. Rein and her volunteers for bringing God’s love to these children and to the parents for entrusting them to our care. See you all at the beach!