I was saddened to hear of the passing of Martha McLaughlin, who was employed at our parish as the CCD Coordinator for thirty years. Martha’s Funeral Mass was celebrated at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, which is a testament to the reach she enjoyed throughout the southern portion of Marshfield. Martha was a staple, dear I say, an institution in the Parish hall.

Her humor and wit still echo in the hall, and she catechized two generations of children here in Ocean Bluff.

I will always appreciate the welcome and hospitality she extended me when I first appeared with my luggage. For Martha I was a young hyper micro manager who was eager and demanding in bringing the religious education formation into a new age at the parish. She suffered ‘this fool’ with great aplomb! Two years into my pastorate she indicated her desire to retire….unthinkable for the many teachers who worked alongside her in forming our children in the faith. In her last year in the position I had to move the CCD Office to the rectory, which gave me the opportunity to meet countless young families, and which afforded the opportunity to enjoy her company and wit. When she retired from the position it afforded us the ability to move in a different direction with religious education, and she was very supportive of these moves, and each year was a staple at First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation. She considered all these children as her own, and after 30 years, their parents as well (who were her original students), which speaks volumes of her love for this parish.

Martha was born in Boston, attended Cathedral High School, and Boston Teachers College. Upon graduation from college she became a teacher in the Boston Public School system. She met her future husband John McLaughlin at a St. Patrick’s Day party and was wed shortly thereafter. Over 53 years of marriage God gifted her with five children and nine grandchildren. The family was raised along the South River, and each of the children graduated from Boston College and grew into successful careers. Martha and John reflected the call to holiness as disciples of Christ, and we were blessed to have part of that.

She will always be an integral part of this parish, as was our Choir Director of forty years, and her close friend, Mr. Bob Durling. Martha was loved throughout this town, and she was an extraordinary mother and wife. I want to express the condolence’s of the clergy, staff and students (past and present) to her family and thank them for sharing her with us. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

I hope you will join me this Sunday at 1:00pm at the Town Pier for the Annual Blessing of the Fleet. Each year the blessing is sponsored by the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association, they have been very good to us these many years with the donation of lobsters and lobster traps for our Christmas display. Please join us in a boat or on the pier! Next weekend the Missionaries will be selling their LOBSTER ROLLS for $20.00. The proceeds will help us with our youth missionary work. The one way to guarantee a roll is to fill out the form on page 6 and put the order in the collection.

UPCOMING “AFTER MASS” SUMMER EVENTS: We will have pizza after this Sunday’s 7:00pm Mass; all are welcome. Next week we will have an ice cream social after the 10am Mass and a hot dog social after the 11:30 Mass.

The PARISH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED NEXT WEEK as the staff has a Parish Soft Training Conference in Braintree.