This week Brett D’Alelio (Digital Media Director) and I attended a Capture Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the Masses last weekend I asked everyone to pray that I have a safe and calm flight; as you know I have anxiety attacks in the enclosed tube of a jet. I was serious in asking for these prayers. Now let me tell you, prayer works! We got to the airport to find out there would be a 3 hour delay due to mechanical problems, and on our way back, we got to the airport only to find out there was another 3 hour delay with the flight because of weather. Well folks I always show up the airport about two hours early, so naturally this made for a long wait and some frustration. I told you prayer works, and I am happy to report due to your prayers I didn’t have any panic attacks, and I experienced zero anxiety. I could feel your prayers and I am most grateful.

The Capture Conference was a Film Summit and featured various speakers who presented methods to develop short films and videos. I came to appreciate our worship style all the more because it seemed like these other faith denominations had to rely on commercials, short films and worship music to capture and maintain the interest of those attending. Actually one of the more successful churches looked more like a concert hall with extensive lighting, walls of video screens, and stages set more for the band than for the delivering the Word of God. Now this is not a slam on any of these worship sites, but it is so much different than our worship experience. We are so blessed to have a worship service that contains within it the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, which we call the Holy Mass. In all these other denominational churches their worship space does not rise to the level of sacredness which we experience in our church and chapel. They would be well served to take a page out of the rituals of the Catholic Church. I would also say that there is much we could borrow from them that would benefit us and assist us in Worshiping God and giving Him His due Praise and Glory. Which of course is the reason we traveled to this conference.

The information we gleaned will help us in building digital media and will afford us the opportunity to bring the Word of God from our Church to folks’ living rooms and offices.

In the late Fall I hope to be able to develop and then incorporate some of these ideas into our Church, within a setting prior to Mass.

We have been doing a lot of work to boost the digital media and have set up an additional YouTube Channel for the Sunday 10:00am Homilies. It is my hope that when you hear a homily that really speaks to your heart you might go home and go to our website and open that Sunday’s Homily. As many know, I also present a daily homily via our Facebook site (normally 3-5 minutes long) and one on Instagram (50-60 seconds long). To access the daily homily just type in your browser and then click on the Facebook icon (you don’t have to be a member to access this site via our website) and then scroll down to the first video you see and click on the arrow and it will show you the homily. This is a great way to follow the continuity of the Gospel stories of the week, thus bringing deeper clarity to the Sunday readings. After a while you will be able to follow the homilies and see the theme running through the week’s daily and weekend readings. A few days ago I did a homily on the Feast of St. Dominic and wished my spiritual sister, Sr. Mary Catherine (Summit, NJ), and her confreres a happy feast day…she in turn shared the video with everyone who follows This is exactly how we build our digital church evangelization, we share the videos with our friends on Facebook. This is a great way to spread God’s word and give Him glory. Also please comment on the videos.