I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and festive New Year celebration.  Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, or ‘Little Christmas.’ Here in the United States Christmas is a two day celebration which includes the eve of this holyday, while in many other cultures they celebrate Christmas over twelve days, thus the “12 Days of Christmas.”

Somehow I think we have been cheated out of a grander experience of Christmas. It seems we work so hard to prepare for this momentous historical event and then forget to experience its fullness. Today as we close out the twelve days of Christmas, as we sing our last Christmas hymns we see that Christianity marches to a different drummer than a particular culture, and its universal nature shows us we are part of something greater and of higher aspirations.  Those aspirations harken to give Glory to God in the highest, while remembering that to those who on earth who bring peace to others, they are ones who are assured to be counted among those whom is divine favor rests. 

The last day of the Christmas season is at the end of this week, and so the lights will remain on through Friday night. On Saturday members of the Knights of Columbus will take down the lights and dismantle the Creche. Inside the church we will be taking the decorations down over the course of the week and storing them away for the end of the year.  We will be rearranging the poinsettias but will eventually have to dispose of them.

This year we purchased large pots rather than the smaller one, and I think the presentation was cleaner and fuller. The blue poinsettias cost double because they are hand painted. I would like to see if we could keep some of them alive and send them home to folks who are able to keep them into the spring (I had a grandaunt who kept them into summer!). Please call the office if you would like to reserve one of them, and this will be done on a first-call basis. 

MayGod bless each of you in this New Year!