Despite all that is happening in the Church today, I still LOVE BEING A PRIEST! I was so blessed that the Church believed that God had called me to Holy Orders. I can’t imagine what my life would have been had I married and had children, certainly I would not have had the fullness in coming to know you and so many other beautiful people in the other parishes I have served. I have met more interesting people and been part of so many more varied human events than I would have as a father and husband. I was fortunate that God had this life in store for me! When I entered seminary it was right after the Father Porter sexual abuse scandal, in Fall River. It took a lot of courage to enter seminary and a sense of adventure and courage to follow through to ordination…but I have never had a regret and despite the pain of seeing the church in the throes of suffering, I can imagine in my mind the great cleansing that will help restore the moral integrity to this Institution. The greatest moment though for me, is when I celebrate the Holy Mass and with Jesus perfectly inside of me, together consecrate the bread into His Body and the wine into His Precious Blood. What an awesome mystery for us to contemplate. If you feel called to priesthood or know someone who you believe may be, I would like to let you know of Men’s Vocation Discernment Weekend which is coming up on February 8-10, 2019 at Betania II Spiritual Retreat & Conference Center, Medway, MA. For information see page 6 of the bulletin.

Parents of early childhood through high school age students, Sacred Heart School in Kingston will have an OPEN HOUSE on February 2nd (bulletin page 5). This is a great Catholic School and many of our children attend. Please make time to check the school out!

I am leaving this Sunday afternoon for Panama and World Youth Day and will meet up with our group (they left Saturday, I stayed for the weekend Masses, and return this coming Saturday for next weekend’s Masses). This is my first World Youth Day, and despite anxiety flying, I wouldn’t miss this event for anything. A big word of thanks for the anonymous donor who paid for the entire trip. Pray for us as we will for each of you!