We have a lot of activities going on during the next two month

Have you ever attended a CATHOLIC TV MASS in Watertown? I know that most folks are working, but I also realize some of our retired parishioners can attend. I would like to encourage folks to think about attending. We can even provide transportation.  We leave the parish around 7:15-7:30am and return around noontime, or if you’re up in Boston and can attend, come meet us in Watertown for the 9:30 Mass. Oftentimes, we go to the IHOP in Brighton (just across the Charles River) after the Mass, and the pastor pays!  It just so happens that I will be celebrating the TV Mass on Friday, February 22nd. Please call the office and lets us know if you can attend. I am on their Mass schedule on a monthly basis, so keep in mind that this invitation is always out there.

We have a lot of activities going on during the next two months. One of my favorite activities is the Knights of Columbus Spaghetti Dinner, which will be held in the parish hall on Saturday, March 2nd at 5:30pm. The Knights start to prep for this night a full month in advance and they undertake a great deal work. The last three years the hall has been filled to capacity, even including one year when we had an ice storm! This year we will come together in the beginning of March, and I predict many folks will have smiles on their faces, as they enjoy the pasta.

I would like to continue our Bible Series and am interested in your feedback (i.e. trying to figure the most popular day and time – we tried Saturday morning and had a few faithful attend). This segment is entitled the PASSION/RESURRECTION NARRATIVES and will explore the Passion as outlined in the four Synoptic gospels.  The presentations are twenty minutes long followed by a half hour examination of the texts. It would be helpful to get your feedback. In Easter we will undertake a 6-week course on a Panorama of the New Testament. 

Next Saturday  at 10am we are holding the Rosary for Recovery in the Chapel. Each month we set the third Saturday aside for this special devotion. As we are aware there is an epidemic of opioid abuse and our community has lost several people of various ages to overdoses. Many of us have gone out of our way to attend the wakes and funerals of those who have died in this manner, and we have  struggled to offer words of hope to the bereaved. This ministry is one which is proactive,  in that we are coming together as a community of believers to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede for  health and well being for the recovery of those addicted to these powerful drugs.  The devotion is a half hour in length, which should accommodate our busy Saturdays.  I am encouraging you to attend because in winter we have about five people who show up, and I know we can do better. See you Saturday!

 Jesus,  Mary and Joseph, pray for us!