I encourage you to be bold and to enkindle the work of the Holy Spirit amongst the poor in Constanza.

While there is much going on in the church which has dispiriting for many of us, we want to be careful, myself included, not to be so jaded that we lose sight of the many good actions that occur on a daily basis in our parishes.

The Holy See removed the former cardinal (McCarrick) from the clerical state, which was the most significant punishment canonical law affords.  While we can’t feel the depth of this punishment, and while the criminal courts may not be able to charge him, it will be God who has the ultimate say in the justice that this man will have to encounter, and he has to live with that knowledge. We pray for those abused by his actions and for the church he has betrayed. Let us also pray for our clergy, that they may take seriously the call to a celibate life and be faithful to the promises they made to the Cardinal and God at their ordination.

There is much that is right and good about our church and I would like to offer an example from our parish. Last week I encouraged parishioners to embrace in a different manner the work of the Constanza Medical Mission. To date our parish has sent down five people: Will Rein, myself, Dawn D’Alileo (summer resident), Chris Kerins and Catherine Rein. We went to develop a social media presence for the mission, as well as to meet with the local bishop and establish a formal relationship, and to assist at the daily clinics. We have not yet had a medical volunteer from our parish, which is the greatest need. Last weekend one of our parishioners, a nurse,  stepped forward to volunteer for the May 4-10th trip. After the next Mass, a parishioner offered to pay for a second nurse to attend.  I know we have a lot of nurses in our parish, that are interested in going on one of these trips. I encourage you to be bold and to enkindle the work of the Holy Spirit amongst the poor in Constanza. Just a reminder to medical professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists and hygienists) that our needs for medical staff is great, with a larger staff we are able to provide care to more people. One of the nurses from CMM will speak at the weekend Masses sometime in March. Thanks to everyone who has and continues to support Constanza Medical Mission through your prayers, actions and financial support.

ASH WEDNESDAY is March 6th and we will have Masses at 6:00am (25 minutes), 7:30am and 4:00pm (includes music). Borrowing and idea from Holy Family Duxbury, we will be giving out ashes from 5:00—6:30pm (this consists of a verse scripture and reception of ashes, which is to accommodate those coming back from work). Confessions will be heard for a half hour after each Mass.

In two weeks we will be launching this year’s CATHOLIC APPEAL at each of the Masses. This year’s Chairpersons are the Honorable Albert Burns, and his son Albert Jr. (both members of our Knights of Columbus). I want to applaud them, and each of you, for last year’s successful campaign, which raised paid pledges of $52,858.00!  For the sake of comparison, we raised more funds and a higher percentage rate over goal than the surrounding Marshfield parishes. The need for the work of the local church in greater Boston is substantial and it through your commitment to this important archdiocesan fundraiser that we are able to minister to the many diverse needs of the faithful. Your boldness has brought abundant blessing from God, and so I would ask you to continue your support of the 2019 Appeal.  The rebate we earned from last year was $10,799.24. Thanks for your support,  I hope we can again claim a leadership position in pledges!

Thanks for all you do for this parish and for me. Jesus, I trust in you!