Being docile is to listen for God’s voice throughout our day.

When my children were in grade school, they used to ask me on their way to school, “Mum, what are we going to do after you pick me up…then what are we going to do after that, and after that…and after that? If the plan would change, they would grumble, “But you said we would do this!” Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  Do you have moments like this today?

There are some people who prioritize their day and stick to every detail, no matter what comes their way and then there are others that go with the flow of the day transitioning their priorities, while moving with the changes to their daily schedule or plans. Disruptions to our life plans or dreams can have a direct effect on our inner peace. We may be the most gregarious and fun-loving person until there is a shift in our plans, an unexpected change in our schedule or expected service. We may lose our footing a bit, feel out of control, grumble under our breath and immediately assume the day is blown. We become disturbed, impatient, and hostile to those we perceive have affected the change of our plans or its representatives. We feel out of control  . . . and to tell you the truth, we are!

Thomas Merton, the Catholic writer, once described the need to feel like we are in control, “as a need to see the future before it happens.” Our Lenten journey each year is an opportunity to stay in the present, to draw closer to, and deepen our relationship with God. This time of the liturgical year affords us the opportunity to let go and put our trust in God, so that our need to control and ‘see’ the future is lessened.  We become naturally and spiritually more open; resisting the urge to panic. We come to realize that God really wants only the best for us and seeks full control of our lives so that we live happily. This new way of seeing things will helps us to be more patient with ourselves and others because we have hope in the promises of God. His promises bring order to our day with the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit.

How do we do this? How do we make this Lent a time to let go? Be docile! Matthew Kelly in his book; Rediscover Jesus, says that, “Being docile is to listen for God’s voice throughout our day.” You may want to begin each day with prayer, by reciting the Angelus, a meditation on Mary’s docile response to the Angel Gabriel; “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your Word.”

Morning prayer will help you reflect on the tasks of the day about to unfold, so you can anticipate situations that will bring forth anxiety, or unexpected disruptions. Surrender yourself to God as Mary did at the Annunciation. I realize this is a hard task, but that’s part of making this Lent your BEST LENT EVER! Be Bold. Be Docile, Be Catholic!

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