Thanks for your support and help in achieving this year’s 2019 Catholic Appeal goal.

This weekend we launch the 2019 CATHOLIC APPEAL at each of the Masses. This year the Chairpersons are the Honorable Albert Burns, and his son Albert, Jr. I want to applaud them for last year’s successful campaign, which raised paid pledges of $52,858.00!  We were the leader last year among the Marshfield parishes in both money-collected and percentage over goal. While I know this is not a competition, it is an indication that our parish operates in such a way that we understand the obligation to fund the central ministries within the archdiocese, many we benefit from.

We have shown you for years how our youth mission program, marriage program, and other archdiocesan programs have benefitted us. We have access to the corporate law office, risk management office as well as the archives office, all of which we used abundantly these past few years. This weekend at each Mass we will have an in-pew solicitation. It is important to the parish staff that every family fills out a pledge form, even if you have already sent in your pledge, in order that we might reach the particular goal needed to earn our rebate.

Last year we received two rebate checks in the amount of $10,799.34. What a blessing the second check of $5895.82 was when paying the high winter bills (especially the gas and electric bills)! I want to thank you for again supporting the needs of parishes and parishioners who receive the help of the 84 central ministries this appeal funds. If every family fills out the pledge form, we will fulfill one of the requirements for the rebate; the in-pew presentation is the other requirement and exceeding our goal meets the final requirement. Thanks for your support and help in achieving this year’s 2019 Appeal goal.

LENT begins this week and we are expanding our offerings for ASH WEDNESDAY. We are adding a new early morning Mass (6:00am) in addition to our daily Mass, and we are offering “expedited” Ashes for those who work during the day. The evening service is informal, in that you can come into the church between 5:00-6:30 for ashes, we will place the ashes on your forehead and recite a quick scriptural prayer. Confessions will be available for a half hour after each Mass concludes, and upon request in the evening.

So as a reminder, ASH WEDNESDAY is March 6th and we will have Masses at 6:00am (25 minutes), 7:30am and 4:00pm (includes music). Borrowing an idea from Holy Family Church, Duxbury, we will be giving out ashes from 5:00 – 6:30pm (this consists of a verse scripture and reception of ashes, which is to accommodate those on their way home from work). Confessions will be heard for a half hour after each Mass. We will have Adoration and Benediction from 5-6:30pm.

We are also providing programs of all the Lenten activities at the Duxbury-Marshfield parishes. In addition, we have placed the Daily Meditation book at each door. This is a great season for us to take time and prepare for how we want to live out this Lent. Throughout Lent we practice Prayer, Penance and Almsgiving. Daily Mass is the perfect prayer of the Church and is worth attending at 7:30am in our chapel. Catholic Traveling Prayers is a great source for prayer with settings which reflect the beauty of God’s gift of nature. How about committing to watching the daily homily on Facebook? What about coming during the day, visiting the chapel and spending fifteen minutes in front of the tabernacle. Lent is not always a time for giving up, it is more about moving towards God in an active way. This a great time for conversion and moving closer in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Lastly, let’s get in touch with the inspired Word of God – join us Tuesday evenings 6:30 –7:30pm for Bible study and Confession afterward.