Please come and join us as we storm Heaven for help!”

This past Ash Wednesday, I reminded everyone that in Lent we walk through the 40 days with Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer.

FASTING: When it comes to fasting we all know that we abstain from meat on Fridays. Now if you make a mistake and have consumed half of the hamburger, finish it, bow your head and offer a Hail Mary and then be careful the remainder of the day. More likely it is going to be with breakfast, but don’t give up on the fast for the remainder of the day – praise God and recommit.

ALMSGIVING: is a great way to watch out for the interests of others. In Lent we collect special items for homeless vets, and we collect hams for the Easter celebration for young mothers of Julie’s House. There are obviously many other giving opportunities to fulfill this practice.

PRAYER (LEXIO DIVINA): This weekend we spoke about the opportunities we have to expand our prayer life over these five weeks of Lent. My suggestion is to read the first five books of the Old Testament. Recently our Jesuit Pope observed that those who know their Bible will always be able to get more out of the Mass, because they will have the ability to put the Sunday Readings into the context of the Old and New Testament. For those who already read the Bible, to you I suggest taking the five weeks and praying the psalms. This path of reading and reflecting on the word of God is called Lexio Divina.

PRAYER FOR THOSE IN GREAT NEED: One of the greatest opportunities for Prayer coupled with Spiritual Works of Mercy is to support and attend our Rosary for Recovery. The 3rd Saturday of each month a group comes together in the chapel and pray the Rosary for all those who face addiction as well as those in recovery. We realize that our country is being overtaken by heroine addiction, and so many are working so hard to try to help. This ministry offers consolation and hope which is critical in the life of those facing addiction or who have a family member who is addicted.

Please come and join us as we storm Heaven for help! For those who pray the Rosary daily– a new approach. At each of the entrances to the church are cards which contain the REDEMPTIVE MYSTERIES; for those who pray the Rosary you could pray the Redemptive Mysteries on every Friday in Lent.

PRAYER BASED ON THE 10 COMMANDMENTS: Take time to look up the Ten Commandments and reflect on which ones you need to pay greater attention and then in prayer ask God to help you. EASY VIDEO REFLECTIONS: sign up for Best Lent Ever at and you’ll get a 2 minute video email reflection.  Try it, you have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain in growing deeper with our Savior Jesus.

This Lent we are beginning a Bible Series Learning Series entitled, the “Passion and Resurrection Narratives” which will be held each Tuesday at 6:30pm.The 1-hour format of prayer, presentation & reflection will be held in the rectory front room in front of a fire. Many people have asked me to hold this series, but then when we run them those same folks miss each of the sessions and this is frustrating. We have the desire to learn but we allow other, lesser priorities get in the way. Please make an effort to join us on Tuesday nights. Each Tuesday night prior to bible study, from 5-6:00pm we have Confessions in the Chapel.

Due to the weather of last week I chose to postpone the launch of the CATHOLIC APPEAL until this weekend. We have a nice 4 minute video which focuses on lay member the church and their efforts to help rebuild and restore its goodness and integrity. We will launch the campaign after the video. 

This Ash Wednesday we saw a significant increase in participation during the day, due in part to ideas we borrowed from Holy Family in Duxbury. Thanks Fr. Bob Deehan and staff!