Thanks for showing your love for the poor.

This weekend we celebrate the SECOND WEEK OF LENT! Last year, I suggested we read the first five books of the Old Testament over the five weeks of Lent. This week I am suggesting we take this time to begin to familiarize ourselves with the prophets, in particular, Amos, Hosea, Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk.These six prophets proclaimed messages of judgement and of the sovereignty of God. Amos challenges hypocrisy and injustice. Hosea’s marriage symbolizes the covenant between God and Israel, moving from love to separation and then reunion. Micha, Nahum and Zephaniah condemn corrupt leadership, injustice to the poor, and worship of false Gods. Habakkuk reminds all to rely on God, who will punish evil and defeat chaos.

What I would suggest, is to choose one of these books from the description above and begin reading. Let’s remember this is the divinely inspired word of God which transcends time and holds within lessons for our present and future generations.

Also, don’t forget we are resuming a five-week course on the Passion and Resurrection Narratives each Tuesday evening. Please come join us and become part of a small group that seeks to learn more about God’s relationship to Humankind.

Just a reminder that the Archdiocese of Boston Office of Risk Management, in conjunction with the Office of Liturgy, has sent a risk alert, relative to the flu and has asked Pastors to refrain from providing Holy Communion under the species of the Precious Blood (for the time being). They have also suggested that at the exchange of peace, folks may refrain from shaking one another’s hands and just bow to one another. The office also spoke to reception of the Eucharist on the tongue, stating, “While the faithful retain the option of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue or in the hand, all ministers are advised to distribute Holy Communion with care, being cautious to not touch the tongue or the hand of the communicant. Ministers should also wash their hands before Mass in preparation for the distribution of the consecrated hosts.”

While I’d agree that it is safer to receive the Host in your hands, I do respect one’s personal acts of piety. Come Holy Week, the worst of the flu will be over and we will resume Communion under both species, as well as shaking hands at the exchange of peace.

Almsgiving: We are collecting tooth brushes, toothpaste and prenatal vitamins for the Constanza Medical Mission. Please bring your donations of any of these items to the church and we will take them down to the Dominican Republic this May.

Last weekend we launched the CATHOLIC APPEAL. We surpassed our in-pew goal of pledges! Thanks for showing your love for the poor.

I pray that God’s abundant blessing be with each of you.