There is much in store for those who are ambitious for greater things; please open God’s divinely inspired word and discover what plan He has in store for you .

This weekend we celebrate the THIRD WEEK OF LENT! I hope everyone is familiarizing themselves with the prophets, in particular Amos, Hosea, Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk. This is a solid spiritual exercise which for many will bring greater insight into the workings of humanity’s relationship with God. These six prophets proclaimed messages of judgement and of the sovereignty of God. It is helpful for us to remind ourselves of the call to humility and to surrender ourselves to the plan God has in store for our lives. The prophet Jeremiah shares with us this revelation, “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord” (Jer 29:11). There is much in store for those who are ambitious for greater things; please open God’s divinely inspired word and discover what plan He has in store for you.

We have resumed our course on the Passion-Resurrection Narratives which meets each Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. This bible study is segmented and does not require attendance at each presentation; each week we examine this event in salvation history from the perspective of one of the three synoptic gospels (MT, MK and LK). Beginning next Saturday at 8:30am we are offering this same program, and will begin from the first lesson and will continue through the Saturdays of Lent and Easter. We will serve a continental breakfast each week.

We have placed EASTER FLOWER OFFERING ENVELOPES in each of the benches and entrances. Please consider making an offering in memory of a deceased loved one. We will list their names in the bulletin and they will be remembered in an EASTER NOVENA OF MASSES  on Easter Day and throughout Easter. Your support allows us to decorate the sanctuary and provide flowers for the outside grounds. Thanks!

We are in the initial weeks of the launch of this year’s CATHOLIC APPEAL. While we surpassed our in-pew goal of pledges, we still our soliciting pledges. If you were away during the last few weeks, I would ask you to consider making a pledge today. The people who we are helping with this Appeal range from those who are assisted with drug and alcohol addictions, to the infirm, as well as immigrants who are assimilating into our culture. There is so much good work that is funded through the Catholic Appeal, it would be unfortunate if the programs being funded were cut because of the missteps of the church hierarchy.

During LENT this parish loves to take care of the VETERANS, and while I wanted to shift focus to the poor of the Constanza, I realize you want to take care of the Veterans too. So we will turn back to the Veterans as our primary outreach. Next week (4th Week of Lent) we will be collecting toiletries and the following week (5th week of Lent) Palm Sunday, we will focus on Prenatal Vitamins which will be given to pregnant mothers who live in the Constanza. Thanks for your continued support of the Marshfield Food Pantry. Also we are collecting hams for the single mothers of Julie’s Learning Center. 

God Bless!