It would bring me great joy if you consider participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession, this Lent.

Next weekend we will be celebrating PALM SUNDAY with our regular schedule of Masses. The Vigil Mass and the 10:00am Mass will be Solemn Masses, each to include a grand procession into the Church. At the Sunday 10:00am Mass, families are welcome to process into the Church along with your children, or we can have the children process in with the other children. The  Art and Environment Committee will be working this week to prepare the church for this celebration. If you would like to help them please call the parish office and leave contact information.

This evening at 6:00PM the Youth Group will be participating in the LIVING STATIONS OF THE CROSS. This is a forty-minute presentation of the Stations with the teens enacting each of the fourteen moments in the Passion. Please come and support the Youth by attending, and enhance your experience of the upcoming Holy Week.

This is the last week before Palm Sunday and we are collecting EASTER FLOWER OFFERINGS. Please put them in the collection. Thanks.

We have planned a very sacred Holy Week this year which will include a service that has been absent for some fifty years! On Wednesday Night of Holy Week we are going to have Tenebrae. It’s an ancient religious service and is characterized by gradual extinguishing of candles, coinciding with readings and hymns and concluding with a loud noise, which takes place when the sacred space reaches total darkness, the final reading having been proclaimed. We will listen to seven readings, followed by a hymn after each reading and the extinguishing of a candle, until the final reading in which the last candle is blown out. The sacred space is reduced to darkness, upon which time a loud sound much like thunder will shudder through the church; shortly thereafter the lights in the church are brought up and those assembled leave in silence. I want to thank our Choir Director Chris Kerins, and Music Director Joe Kodzis for making this liturgy possible.

This is an ancient liturgy which began to fall into obscurity starting in the 1950’s and disappeared after the Second Vatican Council. Over the last seven years it has returned and was performed at the Cathedral of The Holy Cross, but was again discontinued when the Cathedral began renovations. I hope you are curious and will attend this forty-minute liturgy.

It would bring me great joy if you consider participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession, this Lent. Each Tuesday night I hear confessions from 5:00-6:00pm – I have had two takers so far, and another three for the Saturday Confessions running from 3:00-3:30pm. I know that Confessions continue to decline, especially after the clergy abuse and Church coverup scandals, and I perfectly understand why someone would think “why should I go to a man (priest) who is just as much a sinner (or more) than I?”. Yet another sin the Church and errant priests will have to answer for before God. However, I have never put myself out as singularly virtuous (far from it) and I sin just as well as the other guy, but I GO TO CONFESSION, and I tell the priest that I am a priest. The Franciscans at St. Anthony’s Workers Shrine in Boston have been most merciful to me and shown incredible levels of kindness and understanding. It does my soul good to know that these priests reconcile me back to the love of God and provide a human voice,  assuring me that God understands my weakness and stands with me to lift me up in grace and goodness.

Whether you have your confession heard by me or some other priest, please do so this Lent. Assumption and St Christine’s holds Confessions on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm and Holy Family hears Confessions on Thursdays from  6:30 to 7:30pm. If you can’t make any of those times, call the office and we can arrange a quick confession at a mutually convenient time.