I ask all of us to call our legislators and oppose this legislation. “

Decorating the Church for Holy Week is a bit of  a daunting task, as each Liturgy requires differing setups. Perhaps the most daunting is the Easter Vigil. We were fortunate to have Marirose and Katie Graham travel all the way to Danvers to pick up and drop off these flowers.  On Good Friday we  were blessed with many teenage altar servers who stayed after the Good Friday Liturgy and helped us lift and hang heavy objects. In the parish’s name, I want to thank Brady and Jameson Watts,  Michael and Elizabeth Hurm and Alison Lomba. I also want to thank the Arts & Environment Committee who worked tirelessly to prepare our Church for the Triduum.  We raised $1700 for the flowers and we exceeded that budget. Thanks to all those who contributed and remember, your loved ones have and will continue to be remembered in a Novena of Masses in the 50 days of Easter.

This weekend we held FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.  It is always a blessing to watch these young boys and girls come forward to receive the Body Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. I hope it also reminds us of the gift we receive each week in the real presence of our Risen Lord.

Fr. Paul Aveni, Administrator of Assumption Parish is the new Pastor of the Billerica Collaborative. I am very happy for him and I know we all wish him well in this assignment. Fr. Mark Derrane, who  hails from Quincy, is leaving St Ann’s Parish in Hull as his replacement.  I look forward to  his arrival, he is a great priest with a kind heart, and I am happy for the people at Assumption .  The change takes place in the beginning of June. I’ll let you know about the plans for Father Aveni’s farewell party.

I would like to bring to your attention to a matter of great concern. The Massachusetts State Legislature is considering two bills that would change existing abortion laws, expanding the time in which  a pregnancy can be aborted up to the moment of birth and for virtually any reason. It would eliminate the need to go to a hospital for an abortion, and also eliminate the requirement that provides medical care to a baby who survives an abortion attempt. The bill also eliminates the requirement that minors need to get written permission from a parent, guardian or Court. Lastly it provides for state funding of abortions for those in financial need. I know this is a sensitive matter for some, and I don’t want to bring back difficult memories, but I ask all of us to call our legislators and oppose this legislation. The existing abortion laws remain on the books, but these bills want to extend the law, and permit the life of a full grown baby be terminated moments before they enter their outside world.  It’s appalling and leads us down a moral slope that will usher in euthanasia and infanticide. If you agree with me, please call your state representative and state senator and  tell them you are appalled at and opposed to these bills. 

Having an abortion is a difficult decision, often  undertaken because of external pressures, and those who procure them incur great emotional suffering. Project Rachel is a great archdiocesan ministry that ministers and provides healing through quarterly retreats and counselling. If you want further information please call and  we can put you in touch with this office.