The Saints are regular people who did extraordinary things and are given to us as examples of living faith.

We are a New Testament people and we have many heroes of living faith in the early Church that we have been reading about and whom we have celebrated this past week, such as St. Paul and Barnabas, St. Monica, and St. Catherine of Sienna. Their obedience to God’s Will and trust in His love for them gave them the courage  and confidence to act boldly in proclaiming  the Word of God by their words and deeds.

The  Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament  show us an outstanding example of living faith in the lives of  St. Paul and Barnabas. Filled with the Holy Spirit, these two men  proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ with joy and rejoicing even under  an extreme measure of trial and tribulation. The Jews violently contradicted them at every turn, but Paul and Barnabas, strengthened by God,  were given the determination and endurance to be obedient to God’s will.

After being estranged from her son because of his lifestyle and life choices, St. Monica prayed for twenty years for her son to be converted. Her trust in God and the confidence she had that God would answer her prayers were fulfilled when her son Augustine, was baptized, became a bishop, a canonized saint, and Doctor of the Church. St. Catherine of Sienna, was a woman of dynamic faith and prayer. She, like so many other saints and heroes throughout the history of the Church, believed that Jesus hid Himself in the faces and the lives of the poor. She worked with  lepers, cancer patients, and plague victims, accompanying them as they came close to death and burying them with her own hands. She was always joyful and consistently maintained her femininity when embroiled in politics, with Church leaders, and when consulting popes. Although never formally educated she wrote 400 letters and a book titled, The Dialogue. She, like St. Augustine, is a Doctor of the Church.

The Saints are regular people who did extraordinary things and are given to us as examples of living faith. As men and women, they guide us on the journey of life by their witness; to show us how to respond to God’s invitation to become like Jesus. They show us what holiness looks like by bringing the Gospel to life. Living out our faith within our daily life brings us total happiness, confidence and courage. Let’s all take time to get to know these extraordinary people a little better so that we too can be living witness for others.