But we should remember we  are the only ones who can choose and maintain happiness . . .  The practice of Mindfulness can slow the days and increase happiness.

I have always enjoyed First Holy Communion Mass, as it is a joy to see the young children dressed in white dresses and white suits come forward to receive the body, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. This year we decided to include the Crowning of the statue of the Blessed Mother in the Mass. Well we need a little more practice! Young Nate (freckled and mischievous as they come) lifted up by an adult, tried in vain to get the crown on her, but ended up doing a ‘ring toss on Mary.’  Well, the church broke out in laughter! We then got a ladder and lifted the crown on to the statue’s head.  I want to thank Catherine Rein for making such a beautiful and colorful crown (both for the Church and the fish pond).

Let us remember that May is a Marian month and all are encouraged to recite the rosary. Don’t know how? Check out the rosary on our website under Catholic Traveling Prayers.

I want to thank you for your continued generosity to the weekly offertory. Your financial support affords me the opportunity to hire Advanced Landscaping and Tru-Green to maintain the grounds and to enhance the care of the lawn itself.

We are six weeks into longer days, and about four weeks into greener grass, and sprouting plants, trees and shrubs. The rain which has provided this beautiful grass has also made some, including myself, a little grumpy. This will pass. The other day I heard someone bemoan that time is flying by, and that once Memorial Day arrives, it seems summer is almost over. I understand that perspective. But we should remember we  are the only ones who can choose and maintain happiness. Now I am serious about this. We say time flies by, but that’s because we make it fly by.  The practice of Mindfulness can slow the days and increase happiness. I am guilty of letting time fly by, but I practice the notion of  mindfulness to slow time. So how does it work? Simple by taking to slow down, focus, remember and savor.

Yesterday (this past Tuesday) was seventy degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I visited one of the area walking paths and spent a hour walking through the woods and along the river and I focused that it was May 7th. I focused on the various spring flowers, shrubs &trees that were blooming. I blocked out everything and just focused on May 7th and what a gift that day was from God. I began my walk by saying to God, “what do you want me to hear today?” Like Jesus’ beloved John I chose to use my heart to hear what Jesus wanted me to know.  So what I plan to do each day is to visit the various conservation lands and walking paths and take a mindful walk taking time to slow down and enjoy the creation God has given us.  This mental exercise will slow down time and bring happiness and awareness of how beautiful God is with us.

This coming Friday, I will be celebrating my 22nd year of  ordination to the Priesthood. I have spent the majority of those years with you, and they have been the happiest of my life. Each of you have contributed to that happiness and shared in my priestly ministry. On that day, I will be celebrating the 9:30AM Catholic TV Mass in Watertown. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome to attend, and we can provide transportation. Please call Catherine Rein this Tuesday.

After that Mass, I will be travelling down to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Summit New Jersey. On the following day, Saturday, I will concelebrate a Mass of dedication for the new annex (our parish has financially supported that effort) with Cardinal Joseph Tobin, other priests who are friends with the sisters and then lastly the sisters themselves. I will return later that day for the Sunday Masses. I will not be at the Saturday Vigil Mass but will return the following week.

In early June I return to Long Branch NJ for my spring retreat, and again find myself back there again in July for a study week.

Happy Mother’s Day!