Thanks for helping those in most need through your support of the many archdiocesan ministries!

On Monday evening June 17th, I am pleased to  announce we will be hosting Tom Peterson, from Catholics Come Home and EWTN. I want to thank Steve and Mary Wessling for sponsoring this inspiring speaker. Tom will speak to us about ‘Catholic Heroes’ and suggest ways in which we too can aspire to be heroes to those around us. I hope to have a full church for this night of conversation and would recommend you bring a friend. Our speaker is an international Catholic apologist who promotes the teachings of Jesus Christ and reminds  us how blessed we are to be baptized Catholics. In an age of anti-Catholicism and anti-religion it will be refreshing to hear why we should celebrate the gift of faith and life in Jesus.

Last December one of our parishioners called and asked why I didn’t do more to promote the Collection for Women Religious (Retired Nuns). Of course it is one of the busiest times of the liturgical year and I get caught up with so many other matters. However, I agree that we should prioritize this collection. This year it is slated for November 24th, the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. If someone would like to assist in promoting this collection please email me or contact me at the office. Yes, this is way in advance, but I want you folks to know that while I might not always act immediately on your ideas, please do not think they are put aside and forgotten.

Someone asked me to promote prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and we have been offering a Mass for this intention most weeks. I also keep these souls in my daily prayers and often in daily Mass intentions as well. I would like to also offer this intention for your daily prayers.

I have met with the Parish Pastoral Council this past week and we discussed the enhancements planned for the Church. We need to replace the existing sound system.  This will involve mounting speakers on the front two light fixtures and spacing other speakers toward the middle of the seats.  The new technology being used will provide clearer sound transmission and lgreater volume, spread out equally over the seating area.  While we are doing this we will update our Live Stream equipment, which will significantly enhance the sound on the Sunday 10:00am broadcasts.  This should be completed in late July and will be funded by this year’s Grand Annual Drive. Lastly, we are also having a projection screen and equipment installed for the Church. This is an expensive system but it is important for the church to catch up with neighboring parishes and build on the content it can bring to us in the areas of worship, catechesis and evangelization. This cost will be covered by the proceeds from last year’s GA Drive.

I want to thank those who have participated in the 2019 Catholic Appeal. To date we have raised $57,500.00 which represents 130% of our goal. Through your generosity we will receive two installments from the Appeal in July and February. Thanks for helping those in most need through your support of the many archdiocesan ministries! 

God Bless You.