The Church as an institution has much to do in regaining trust from the people who compose the Church.

I want to keep you updated on the measures which the Church is undertaking for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.  The Holy See recently issued a directive relative to this matter.  Cardinal O’Malley in presenting the document stated, “Following the International Summit in Rome this past February, Pope Francis pledged concrete measures to respond to the clergy abuse crisis in the Church. ‘Vos estis lux mundi” (translated, You are the light of the World) is one means of fulfilling that pledge, establishing specific and mandatory protocols and reporting systems for matters concerning such abuse.

This document directly addresses needed improvements to the Church’s response by requiring all dioceses to establish a public, accessible and reliable system for reporting crimes of clergy sexual abuse and any coverup of abuse within one year’s time. It also requires the establishment of new procedural norms for investigating crimes by Bishops and Supreme Moderators of religious institutes, including both allegations of sexual abuse and any coverup by way of actions or omissions intended to conceal information or to interfere with investigations.

These new norms address the sexual abuse of minors and they also expand the definition of the vulnerable persons who suffer abuse. But it is also quite significant that “Vos estis lux mundi’” includes adults who suffer sexual offense through violence or intimidation or the abuse of authority. The Church has much to do in following through on these measures; we rely on men to implement these measures.

We also need to pray that all Bishops will be docile and obedient in implementing these measures.  The Church as an institution has much to do in regaining trust from the people who compose the Church. We need to be vigilant in making sure that our leaders comply and that we hold them to the same standards of holiness they and the Gospel call us to. Pray for Church leaders throughout the  Church that they lead us into a period of Reformation and Restoration.

On Monday evening June 17th, I am pleased to  announce we will be hosting Tom Peterson, from “Catholics Come Home” and EWTN. I want to thank Steve and Mary Wessling for sponsoring this inspiring speaker. Tom will speak to us about ‘Catholic Heroes’ and suggest ways in which we too can aspire to be heroes to those around us. I hope to have a full church for this night of conversation and would recommend you bring a friend.

Our speaker is an international Catholic apologist who promotes the teachings of Jesus Christ and reminds  us how blessed we are to be baptized Catholics. In an age of anti-Catholicism and anti-religion, it will be refreshing to hear why we should celebrate the gift of faith and life in Jesus.