Just a reminder to everyone – we are keeping the Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:00pm throughout the year.”                                          

Thanks to all those who attended last Monday night’s presentation of “Catholics Come Home”  with Tom Peterson. I would like to thank Steve and Mary Wessling, summer residents, for their generosity in sponsoring this night. Catherine Rein and I were able to have dinner with them prior to the talk. Tom was in advertising prior to beginning this ministry, and indicated that he was in the fast lane when he felt invited by the Holy Spirit to use his skills to promote the Faith. His is an inspirational talk about how God invites us to bring His Son’s gifts to those around  us.  Tom has travelled throughout North America and Europe sharing with various dioceses the tools for evangelization. I am also pleased to inform everyone that we will b able to utilize much of his content  with our new media equipment tools.

If you were not able to attend, we livestreamed the presentation, which can be accessed through the website. Simply click onto “live stream” and then click on “prior broadcasts,” and it will be the video prior to this week’s 10AM Mass. It was a great, inspirational presentation and Tom left a handful of his DVDs for those who are interested in learning about how to evangelize on a grass-roots level. If you’re interested in obtaining one of these DVDs please call the office at 781-834-4953.

As I indicated in the June 16th bulletin, we are finishing up the specs and contract for the work on our sound system, media screen systems, and live stream broadcasts. The system will be installed over two weeks beginning on July 22nd through August 3rd. I do not expect that there will be any disruptions to either the main church or the chapel. I realized after we reconfigured the altar that some of the sound had been distorted and with the age of the system (12 years old)  we needed to replace it. I expect that you be pleased with the finished product.

Next weekend the Youth Missionaries will hold their annual TURKEY SANDWICH FUNDRAISER after each of the Masses. This is a nice change of pace for families and offers an easy alternative for a hot weekend dinner. I  like the fundraiser because I am normally gifted two of these sandwiches!  Please support the missionaries as they continue to raise funds for their trip to Chicago this August.

Welcome back to our summer residents! Did you know that we tape a daily homily (a spiritual thought for the day – around 3-4 minutes long) which can be accessed on the beach, at a picnic table, in your kitchen, even at the ballpark, – all via the parish website, https://stanns.net/ Facebook and Instagram icons. Facebook is 3 minutes long while Instagram is 60 seconds long.  Both offer an opportunity to get a quick spiritual boost to the day.

Just a reminder to everyone that one of the ways we can evangelize and promote the faith is through promoting “Catholic Traveling Prayers” (CTP). These YouTube videos are on a YouTube channel  and can be accessed through our website. https://stanns.net/ . Each of these videos are shot outside at some very sunny and beautiful venues. Whether it is the Rosary, Angelus and Divine Praises, Divine Mercy Chaplet or one of several Novenas, the setting is beautiful and tranquil and offer viewers time to meditate, reflect and pray. We all know folks who are homebound or in a nursing home or a hospital and if they have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or a computer, they can access CTP and enjoy the gift of God’s nature.

Just a reminder to everyone – we are keeping the Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:00pm throughout the year.  This makes it simpler for everyone. Historically people kept coming to Confession at 3pm even though we had moved it to 4pm. Now we stay year-round with 3pm Confessions and 4PM Mass.