Just a reminder to everyone – The Knights of Columbus are hosting a BLOOD DRIVE on Saturday, July 6th”                                          

On June 29-30 the Youth Missionaries held their annual TURKEY SANDWICH FUNDRAISER after each of the Masses. What an easy dinner alternative for a hot summer weekend. This is a great way to support the missionaries as they continue to raise funds for their trip to Chicago.

We will follow up this fundraiser with our Annual Lobster Rolls in the first week of August. I appreciate everyone’s generosity! This August’s trip brings them to the southside of Chicago where they are introduced to social justice ministry and are given an insight into how they can use the gifts they develop in college to make our world a better place and to bring Jesus into the hearts of those in most need. This trip brings the gospel to life, not in a  “preachy” way, but in a quiet way in which they get to see the needs of others who are less fortunate, and develop a love for the lost and alienated in our society.

The Knights of Columbus are hosting a BLOOD DRIVE Saturday, July 6th from 9am-2pm in the parish parking lot. Boston Children’s Hospital will have the Bloodmobile parked in the lot that day. Give life – share your blood today!

Thanks to all those who attended the “Catholics Come Home”  presentation with Tom Peterson. Tom travels throughout North America and Europe sharing tools for evangelization. Come August, we will be able to utilize much of his content with our new media equipment prior to our weekend Masses. People continue to thank me for the presentation and want to know if we taped it. We did and it can be viewed through the livestream archive. It can be accessed through the website, simply click “live stream” and then click on “prior broadcasts,” scroll down to the video which has his picture.  Tom also left DVDs for those who are interested in learning about how to evangelize on a grass-roots level, they can be found at the entrances.

My personal observation of Tom Peterson is that he was an advertising executive who met great success early on and surrounded himself with a lot of meaningless physical treasure. Tom realized he had a great wife and good kids and was considered a great provider in material things, but not in terms of the treasures one stores up in Heaven. He had a conversion experience, and in that moment, he listened to his interior self and upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit chose to put meaning in his life by surrendering to God, and by taking his gifts and offering them up for use within God’s Church. Tom could have stored up great monetary and material wealth, but he chose to give up much so he could develop a powerful ministry tool for the good of God’s Kingdom. He lives in a nice house in a good neighborhood, but the limits he has put on his income prohibit him from the expensive car, RV or yacht, each which he could have had in advertising. Though he may have given up much, he also has traveled the world in this ministry and met thousands of people and enjoyed numerous adventures he would never have met or experienced had he chose to use his gifts on his own advertising career.  He gave many pause to reflect on our pursuit of material pleasures over the lasting spiritual pleasures and joy which we store up in preparation for Heaven. Check out the broadcast.

Catherine Rein, Pastoral Associate, is on vacation this first week of July and I’ll be away the following week at the San Alfonso Retreat House in  Long Branch, NJ, for Seton Hall’s Summer Clergy Institute of Learning. Wish me luck!

Summer residents – check out our daily homilies (a spiritual thought for the day) on the parish website, https://stanns.net/ via FB and Instagram. Or check out “Catholic Traveling Prayers” (CTP). These videos of the Rosary, Angelus and Divine Praises, Divine Mercy Chaplet or Novenas are on our website. https://stanns.net/ .