I hope everyone had a great July 4th Holiday!”                                          

I hope everyone had a great July 4th Holiday. This is my favorite time of year when I get to be with our summer residents. I haven’t seen Kevin Broderick and his family but hope he will begin our official summer observance soon. We can also expect a return visit from Kevin Mohave and his family, who moved away to upstate New York last August. When he visits, he will be staying at his aunt’s cottage (Mary Benson from Brighton). I’m also waiting for the Stanton Family from Arlington. I hope this shows you how much I look forward to your arrival, whether I know you by name or by face, you make my summer more joyful. Also, I hope you get to know our newest summer residents, a family who has purchased a home on Foster Street, and who travel the furthest to get here…ALASKA! The parents have a hundred children (or so it seems) and they are the nicest people. Oh, by the way, to our summer residents, “Yes, I am still here!’

The Archdiocese is amidst its pastoral plan, and the three Marshfield Parishes will become a Collaborative in the coming years. We were supposed to become part of an earlier phase but six months into the process we were taken out. I am happy because it has given me another summer to be with you, and another summer to put the finishing touches on the parish landscape plan.

The orange flowers in front of the parish sign are Asiatic Lilies, and by this time they may have passed their bloom. Many of the hydrangeas, lilies and tulips are repurposed after the Easter celebration and given the chance of new life on our grounds – some prosper while a few others find their way to the town dump (sadly though). You will notice that I am moving some trees from the Brant Rock side of the church (where they are either over-crowded or not doing so well) and replanting them in the courtyard. It has been tricky landscaping across from the ocean with salt air and the windswept location. I think we have found the right arrangement for the trees and shrubs. This year I have added vegetables, which include squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and cilantro. I’ll keep watering them, you keep praying for them. The landscaping around the FISH POND has matured and now we are adding seasonal plants. That area is worth a visit.

Thanks for everyone who supported the Youth Missionaries through purchasing a TURKEY SANDWICH at last weekend’s fundraiser. The first weekend of August we will be back with our Lobster Rolls. Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the Knights of Columbus BLOOD DRIVE for Children’s Hospital. Please remember that Catherine Rein is on a much needed and well-earned vacation. On part of her vacation she will be travelling to Maine for a Christian rock concert. Also for planning purposes I’ll be away the next week at the San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, NJ, for Seton Hall’s Summer Clergy Institute.

This week we will be launching this year’s GRAND ANNUAL APPEAL. I am asking each family to make a contribution of between $300.00 and $500.00, which ca be spread over monthly payments. All pledges can be made in full or over time and we have an option to use a credit card through PAYPAL. This year we are utilizing the funds to replace our speaker system, install three new hanging projectors in the church and chapel for media presentations, replace the livestream system with a professional system that improves the broadcast and improves sound quality, and address the plaster issues on the ceiling in the main church. Your financial support will enable us to enhance our worship space, our liturgical celebration and our media evangelization efforts. Thanks for your continued support.

Summer residents- check out our daily homilies (a spiritual thought for the day) on the parish website, https://stanns.net/ via FB and Instagram. Or check out “Catholic Traveling Prayers” (CTP). These videos of the Rosary, Angelus and Divine Praises, Divine Mercy Chaplet or Novenas are on our website. https://stanns.net/ .

A word of thanks to Mike and Bernadette White from Mass Irrigation Services, Quincy for our water irrigation system. Installed for free several years ago, and maintained for free, this couple is responsible for the lush grounds.  We are so lucky we have generous parishioners like the Whites. Thank You!!