How typically generous of Cardinal O’Malley to defer his retirement a few years. Let’s keep him in our prayers, and extend our best wishes to him.”                                         

Cardinal O’Malley recently celebrated his 75th birthday while in Rome.  One couple from our parish actually  met him in Rome for dinner. We have been blessed with 16 years of his episcopal ministry as our Archbishop. I’m happy to pass on this official message from the diocese:  

 “As required by canon law the Cardinal offered his resignation having turned 75 on June 29. He met with the Holy Father over the weekend, who asked him to stay on for a few more years. The Cardinal is pleased to have the continued confidence of the Holy Father and looks forward to continuing to serve the people of God in Boston and in support of the Pope’s ministry in leading the universal church.” (Terry Donnilson, RCAB, Director Of Communications)

How typically generous of Cardinal O’Malley to defer his retirement a few years. Let’s keep him in our prayers, and extend our best wishes to him.

This week, Power Sound New England will be installing the new speaker system in the main church and it is my hope and expectation that everyone will be able to hear the presider and lectors  with both volume and precision.  You will be the judge of this next weekend. It would be helpful to receive your feedback after those Masses. The following week we will be moving onto the  video projectors and live stream improvements. When the  new livestream equipment is installed those watching from home will need to contact us to let us know what they think of the video and audio portions of that broadcast.

As you know we have begun this year’s Grand Annual Drive. Please remember you can make your pledge online or can enclose it with a check and deposit it into the mail or collection basket. Each year so many families are generous and dutiful in supporting this drive.  I can’t thank each of you enough for all you do for the parish- know that you are remembered in my prayers. Please help fund this work. Pledge soon.

We had a great 4th of July in the parish, and I relaxed the parking limits for July 3rd. I appreciate your feedback and support in understanding the reasoning behind parking limits.  Our neighbor on the Brant Rock side has roped off their parking lot and has asked folks not to park in that area. Perhaps they will lay down grass in the fall as their space would beautify the neighborhood,.

The Pastoral Musicians Conference was great, but because it is always in summer, they need to hold them in cooler climates. Last year was sultry Baltimore and this year they found am even more humid area – Raleigh, NC All I can say is thanks for air conditioning! We attended several of the music showcases and have new music to debut in the upcoming fall and winter.

Our Youth Missionaries are heading off to Chicago in a few weeks in the middle of August. It is a neat week which provides the kids with a great introduction to Catholic Social Justice issues. We stay in an old monastery on the South Side of Chicago (it’s safe), make our own meals, make our own beds, get up in the morning and pray, and then travel to various social service settings.   In the middle of the week the kids are given a day off and have a tour of downtown Chicago, including the waterfront. It is a great way for the kids to see a metropolis outside of Boston, and the kids get a great introduction to the Midwest.

Thanks to those who supported the TURKEY SANDWICH fundraiser, your kindness helps us defray the kids’ cost by about sixty percent. I would like to thank Catherine Rein and Jack Dillon for running this group this year. In a few weeks we will hold our LOBSTER ROLL fundraiser.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer, and hope to see many of you at the beach. Pray for my bocce ball team – we need a win! Yikes!