we are a church that is reaching out to millennials by bringing their technology into the sacred space in which they worship!”                     

This past week, Power Sound New England installed the new speaker system in the main church. It is important that we get this right, so I would ask you to provide me feedback after the Masses as to the clarity and volume of the new system. I will compile your remarks and pass them along to the company to make sure we get the most out of the system.  This week we will be moving on to the  video projectors and live stream improvements. When the  new livestream equipment is installed, those watching from home will need to contact us to let us know what they think of the video and audio portions of that broadcast.

The Grand Annual Drive for 2019 will cover much of the cost of this system. Please make a pledge soon and remember you can make your pledge online or enclose it with a check and deposit it into the mail or collection basket. We are blessed with so many families who are generous in supporting this drive.  Thank you.

Our Youth Missionaries are heading off to Chicago in a few weeks in the middle of August. The week provides the kids with a great introduction to Catholic Social Justice issues. We stay on the South Side of Chicago (its safe)  in a monastery . Each day the kids make their own meals, make their beds, get up in the morning and pray, and then travel to various social service settings.   This is a great way for the kids to see the Midwest and exert a little bit of independence from their parents, and it is also good preparation for college. Thanks to those who support our many fundraisers. Next weekend (Aug.3 & 4th)  the kids are selling lobster rolls at each of the entrances. A word of thanks to the Lobster Pound in green harbor for shucking the shells, the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association for donating the lobsters, and our volunteers for preparing the rolls.

In my homilies I often speak to how the devil works to throw us off God’s Plan for our happiness by subtly using the emotion’s of jealousy and envy to distract us from recognizing the other gifts He bestows on us.  Another big way the devil robs us of happiness is through pornography. Our brain is wired in such a way that when we encounter monotony or other pressures we find a way to escape these emotions through visiting websites and viewing porn.  Husbands, wives, widowers, religious, clergy, single people are all tempted by this vice. The feeling that comes forth from this distraction is a profound sense of shame. That which we use to distract ourselves from the pressures of life, is illusory and results in bringing about depression and dissatisfaction.

I might not preach about this, but that is because of the youngest members of the parish would not understand, and I don’t want to rob them of their innocence. I do however find literature to place at the various entrances. Please take one of these booklets or pamphlets and bring it home and start tackling this problem and drive out the despondence that pornography brings into our lives. I have received a new pamphlet entitled, “Finding Freedom from Pornography,” the newest OSV publication, and have put it in the rack by the bathroom.

I have restocked that rack with other titles, dealing with helping someone in a Time of Loss, Planning a Funeral, the Communion of Saints, Guardian Angels, Apparitions of the Blessed Mother, End of Life Issues, Secrets to Happiness, Confession, Novenas and Remaining Faithful in Today’s World.  Please take a chance to take one or more of these pamphlets. Also remember everything I put at the entrances is free of charge. Also I hope to have Bishop  Barren’s book soon.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. Enjoy the sun and the warm water at the beach. The summer is so short, take the time to get in the water, to walk on the grass (barefoot is best), visit the Lobster Pound, play bocce ball, horseshoes, frisbee or cornhole. Simply put, enjoy the summer!