This week we celebrate a Holy Day of Obligation, that is, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven”                     

Might I ask you to do me a favor? I have 500 copies of  “Letter To A Suffering Church: A Bishop Speaks On The Sexual Abuse Crisis” by Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron. While I realize many of us are having a difficult time being inundated with the abuse scandal, I think this book is worth reading. I found great solace in what Bishop Barren had to share and I believe you might as well. It’s a serious book so it should be read in a quiet setting. I would appreciate your feedback on it.

Our Youth Missionaries will head off to Chicago this morning. They will spend a week on the South side of Chicago receiving an introduction to Catholic Social Justice. Thanks again to the Lobster Pound in Green Harbor for shucking the lobsters, the Marshfield Commercial Fishermen’s Association for donating the lobsters, our volunteers for preparing the rolls and you for supporting them through your purchase of the rolls. Please visit the Lobster Pound and enjoy their lobster and clams – they are delicious! Perhaps thank them for their support. Also a great way to thank the fishermen would be to keep them in your daily prayers as they have a difficult job.

I am also happy to report that an anonymous donor made a very generous  contribution that will cover much of the cost of the Chicago trip, and the Lobster Roll fundraiser raised $1825.00! Your support of the Missions Program here at the parish is impressive. I pray the Lord reward each of you many times over with His abundant blessings!

The POWERSOUND NE people are putting the final touches on the system. It’s going to take another few weeks for us to fine-tune the system and receive the training to operate the equipment. I think you will be very pleased when you see everything up and running. We will begin the initial weeks with playing the feed out to livestream on the projectors. It will give us a better sense as to how the homebound are able to enjoy Mass in their own parish. Also, should we end up in the hospital over the weekend we too can pickup the lives streamed 10am Mass and enjoy familiar surroundings. The system is very versatile so we will be able to use the projectors to display varied video-based Catholic content. We will also be able to use the system to put up readings and music. As we continue to roll out this new media source we will also be able to find new content and applications which will build up the evangelization efforts of the parish and local church. Next week I ‘ll offer greater detail on technical aspects of the equipment and how we’ll need other volunteers to help us run and build this ministry.

This past week I flew down to Raleigh NC for the Capture Film Summit, which is a Christian-based two day program offering sessions on content, content creation and livestreaming enhancement. By the time you read this bulletin I will be celebrating Mass, but it is important for you to know that I have been spending the time to develop this social media ministry which will benefit the parish and allow us to lead other parishes into the possibilities this media offers to those who seek to grow closer in their relationship with our Risen Lord.

This week we celebrate a Holy Day of Obligation, that is, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven. We will celebrate a Vigil Mass on Wednesday at 4:00pm and at 7:30am on the Holy Day.

Since July 4th, I think I have been over to Sunrise and Rexhame beaches almost every day. The water is so warm. I hope you have a chance to enjoy it. Get over to the water and enjoy the sunshine and many of your neighbors. I am now off to the beach for a 5pm swim!