The more our LIVESTREAM is watched the greater the reach it will have over the internet with those searching out Catholic-Christian content . . . ”                

A word of thanks to all of our SUMMER RESIDENTS for all the joy you bring to the parish these summer months; we are sorry to see you go!  After each of the Masses we will have our receptions in the courtyard – whether it’s pizza, coffee and donuts or ice cream, please join us so that we can say thank you and goodbye in a proper manner. If during the off season you have moments of melancholy, please visit our website and click on our LIVESTREAM to watch any of our archived Masses, presentations or events.  During the dead of winter if you want to join me at the beach, just click on the website’s link to CATHOLIC TRAVELING PRAYERS.

We are continuing to create more Catholic content (including a bible series) that we can upload to our livestream and YOUTUBE channel. Also don’t forget that each day we record a daily homily on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts (which also can be accessed on our website via the respective icon for those social media app). 

We all love our faith and many are upset that many younger people, including millennials, are absent from our houses of worship. I think part of the reason that we failed these generations was because of the loss of Nuns who taught CCD in our parishes, and because the quality of the CCD classes was poor (doing crafts rather than teaching basic catechism). We can’t change that, though it seems to me we should not be passive and just accept this loss, as it is unfair to this generation.  The Church struggles with how to bring about the New Evangelization, and I believe the only we way we will reconnect this group with a personal relationship with Jesus and His Church is through digital streaming technology.  This is why our parish has invested $50K into our streaming technology and audio upgrades.

While I would appreciate any financial contributions from summer residents for our Grand Annual to fund this work, I would more-so ask that you help support the digital media. How do I do this? Here are a few suggestions:

  • On GOOGLE & YELP you could leave a good review of the parish
  • After you watch a good daily homily share it with your FB friends
  • After watching a homily please offer positive comments
  • Visit and watch our LIVESTREAM and see the new content
  • LET OTHERS NOW THAT WE LIVESTREAM THE SUNDAY 10:00am MASS, especially those who are homebound or in the hospital and have access to the internet.
  • Offer us suggestion on how to improve our Social Media presence and content

The more our LIVESTREAM is watched the greater the reach it will have over the internet with those searching out Catholic-Christian content. Imagine we have had soldiers in the Middle East pick up our Livestreamed Mass. We have folks in Ireland, England, Florida, Texas, California watch this Mass. We are the first parish in the Archdiocese to LIVESTREAM the Mass and there are a perhaps six other parishes that have started this ministry. With the new streaming equipment we are able to offer a professionally filmed Mass, with multiple cameras, editing and shot selection, and greatly improved audio. I would like to make the most of this ministry but I need your help and support.

I want to thank all of you who have financially supported this work, and ask everyone to pray that we might find greater outreach to these ‘nones’ or indifferent young adults, so that they might benefit from all that our Risen Lord provides for us – the joy, the peace, the support in times of loss, the hope in times of trouble and the security in times of distress. That is what we are seeking to do together in our STREAMING DIGITAL MEDIA.

May God Bless each of you and thanks friends!