Over the coming weeks we will be praying for a successful collection throughout the archdiocese” (Clergy Retirement Trust)             

In a few weeks the Second Collection will be for the Clergy Retirement Trust; each year you are so generous to my brother priests, and for this I am very grateful. Over the coming weeks we will be praying for a successful collection throughout the archdiocese. In addition, I have asked the staff to include additional information within the weekly bulletin. Later this month I will be joining a few of our parishioners for the annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. One of our summer parishioners contributed $3500.00 for this event, which will permit the parish to be present at this event. I want to thank everyone who supports our retired priests (retirement benefits) and active priests (health benefits) through your support of this collection, in addition to the Christmas and Easter Collections. May God reward you and your family with His abundant blessings.

We have about 60 copies left of a “Letter to a Suffering Church.” I ‘m so pleased that many of you have taken a copy and I hope that you have found time to read your copy. I want to thank those who have taken time to speak with me about their reactions to the content. I was very pleased with one of our parishioners who took a great deal of time to compose a letter with her observations; they were most helpful. I think we all agree this is a difficult issue. I appreciate the manner in which you have replied to my request. If you think that this book would be helpful for a family member or friend, please take an additional copy.

I was very pleased with the feedback on the projector, livestream, and digital media outreach to the millennial generation. Just to be clear, this weekend we will again feature the church livestream output on the screens, so that you might have a better sense as to what folks watching over the internet see. The screens will be in use before each Mass for the short (3-5 minute) Catholic evangelization video or similar topic, and during the Mass it will be used to show readings and hymns (to begin with, as we hope to expand it to prayers as well). So please do not think that we will be projecting the altar each week, as it is meant for worship support. Again, thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming. It will take us another month to work out the glitches.

We’re in the final arrangement stage of making plans for the Constanza Medical  Mission trip in November. I’m pleased to tell you that we received a grant from the Catholic Health Foundation for $2700 and another gift of $1500 from one of our friends in Duxbury. We have parishioners who are attending this trip. To everyone who might be interested in participating in a new trip (i.e. May 2020), we do a lot of advance planning and so we ask that you request to participate in a particular trip six months in advance. We can then send your name along to CMM and have them begin the necessary paperwork to ensure a safe and  rewarding experience. The Mission weeks are not just about serving the poor in the mountains of the Dominican Republic but also include those who are ministering alongside of you on this medical mission. The advance planning affords us the opportunity to get participants together months ahead of time, so that all the medical personnel have a relationship with one another. Again, thanks for the support, and in the coming months, I will provide a list of supplies we need to bring down with us. Please keep CMM in your prayers.

A quick plug for the MARSHFIELD FOOD PANTRY, with a word of thanks for those who regularly bring food for those in need; to those who keep forgetting, please know you can drop off food to our three- season porch at any time. As Jesus tells us, “What you do for the least of your neighbor, you do for me.”

CCD begins next weekend and the Choir returns. Hallelujah Whoopie