As Catholics we are called to be merciful, to be of comfort for those that we do not know . . . 

This week we celebrated the 18th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks that changed the world as we knew it. The news these past few months have bombarded us with horrific events of natural disasters, carnage and violent death. Our Church and President have decried the violence and have sent support for those who have been afflicted. These events bring our nation and community together in sympathy and prayer for those who have lost their lives and for their loved ones.

As Catholics we are called to be merciful, to be of comfort for those that we do not know, regardless of their social status or lifestyle. We are called to be counter cultural, not looking at how this empathy might affect us or what people think of us, but we are called by Christ to go beyond ourselves; beyond our closed-in opinions, politics and prejudice, and squeeze through the proverbial narrow gate.

Times like these remind us that we are not left alone since God has given us the gift of faith. Our faith received in baptism clothes us with Christ where we are defined and transformed by him. We are one in All and all One in Christ Jesus. We are called to run to those who are hurting, sick, lonely, depressed, grieving or afflicted because when we do, our world becomes a bigger, brighter and a better place.

Together, we can help others emerge from their darkest moments to the light of a loving embrace, and a warm smile as we accompany those who need us the most.

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