Your parish is in the vanguard of technical digital development in Catholic parishes.           

The Second Collection this week will be for the Clergy Retirement Trust. I would ask everyone to be as generous as your means afford. This is great way for us to show our thanks to all those retired priests who have so faithfully served over the years, offering us the sacraments and being there when we have been in need. This Archdiocese has been blessed with so many faithful priests and it is with this collection that we can express our thanks. On behalf of the retired priests, thanks!

I want to thank Brett D’Alelio our Digital Media Director for working tirelessly this summer to bring about the successful implementation of the hardware and software from Mvix Digital Signage. He spent the summer researching, cataloging and organizing the Catholic Content which we will enjoy each weekend prior to the Masses. The fruit of his work will be a parish that will lead the New England region of Catholic Churches in the delivery of prayers, teachings and stories via the projection systems in the church and chapel. The work which he completed was frustrating and painstaking at times and he kept his head down and completed the task. He returns this Monday to Santa Clara University, about fifty minutes south of San Francisco, to continue his studies. I want to thank him in our name for this work, and I invite everyone at the Sunday 10:00AM Mass to join us in the Courtyard for coffee and donuts, to thank Brett and to wish him well as he leaves for sunny California.

Last weekend we put the Live Streamed Mass on the projection screens and I was happy to hear your positive feedback. We are fortunate to have Tim Ricciardi to help us in broadcasting this Mass over our website. Tim has done a great deal of technical work with the installation of this new system. We still have glitches and the console is still being fine-tuned, but soon the system will be finished. I appreciate all the well wishes, and thanks to all those who have checked the video and sound from your home computers or cell phones. Folks have indicated that they were surprised and enjoyed the various angles utilized to shoot the Mass. As time goes on we will have the various shots prearranged and will be able to add an introduction to the Mass on the livestream. The possibilities for this digital social media stream will unfold as we introduce new applications to how we deliver this medium.  We need you to  spread the word about our LIVESTREAM MASS within and beyond the parish. If you have a parent, sibling, friend or neighbor  who is homebound, they would benefit if you helped them access this Mass via our parish website. Your parish is in the vanguard of technical digital development in Catholic parishes.

We are  very fortunate that Jaimie Whittaker, a parishioner and recent college graduate with a degree in computer science, has joined our team and is presently working on developing a manual for the many technical applications we have with the livestream, projectors and Mvix software.  This past Wednesday Verizon installed long overdo upgrades to our bandwidth on our routers, and Jaime was present to oversee this installation. He is now helping us with our computer hardware and makes a great addition to our technical staff for which I and Tim Ricciardi are grateful.

I want to welcome back all of our CCD FAMILIES and CATECHISTS. I missed many of you this past summer and am happy you’re back from the long summer vacation. I want to thank Catherine Rein and her volunteers for all they do for the spiritual development of our children. Please pray for the teachers and students that this year will be filled with abundant grace and joyful conversion. If you have not registered, or know a family who hasn’t registered, please get the word out that we have returned. Thanks for all you do for this parish. Enjoy the sun!