. . . . last week’s second collection, which is earmarked for disaster relief  . . . netted a check for $1996.00 sent to the Archdiocese. 

This week we welcomed Father John Higgins from La Salette Shrine in Connecticut.  This weekend has been set aside for the Propagation of the Faith, and the proceeds from the second collection will be directed to various mission groups who serve the needs of the poor throughout our country and the world. Father Higgins will speak at each of the Masses and will share with us his experience of Missionary life. It is so nice to have another voice  in the pulpit and I do hope you enjoy the stories he will share with us. I would once again request your customary generosity with this collection.

I would like to share with you that last week’s second collection, which is earmarked for disaster relief in  Bermuda, netted a check for $1996.00 and it has been sent to the archdiocese. I believe that money is grouped and sent to Catholic Relief which has boots on the ground on the island of Bermuda.

A few weeks ago I attended the Celebration of Priests Dinner along with couples from, or related to, our parish. I want to thank Ed and Dawn D’Alelio (summer residents) who generously donated their table to the parish for this occasion.  It was a lovely night, the food and ambience at the Seaport World Trade Center was great. It was so nice to see so many priests I know, as well as parishioners from various parishes with whom I was able to reconnect.  The honorees for the dinner were Artie and Judy Boyle; their newly ordained son, Chris, led us in grace before the meal. The previous weekend we had a second collection for the Clergy Health and Retirement Fund and you very generously donated  $2410.00. Be assured of the prayers of our senior priests and myself – may God send you abundant blessings and grace.  In the coming weeks we’ll be able to show the film for that night on our new projection system.

We are getting close to buttoning down all the mechanical issues with our projector, mvix and audio systems. They want to work together but there are so many new components to this new technology that we are either burning out a component or having to replace a switcher in order that all the parts are able to communicate, to get the tasks done that provide sound and picture.  It’s a great system and one I know many of you are pleased with. We will have our new Powerpoint system up and running in the coming weeks and I think you will be happy with what you will see throughout the Mass.

The Confirmation teens had a great time at Assumption College on their retreat, thanks for your prayers!