Thanks for caring for the poor!

I would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome you extended to Father John Higgins from La Salette Shrine. What a good egg he was! Immediately after the Vigil Mass, I and Chris Kerins (who had no advance warning and had other plans for the evening)  took him to the Station Eight Restaurant, where we ran into a handful of parishioners.  As an aside, it means a great deal to me when you go out of your way at these public venues to say hi to me, as it demonstrates the family aspect of our relationship. 

Father Higgins was a good sport and took me and Chris well, he was definitely amused. It was nice to hear of his missionary experiences and be reminded of the many good and holy priests who serve God’s people. By the way, I told him that the 7:30 Mass is the golfer’s Mass and could he go short on the homily! He didn’t believe me, but he complied, and yes, a few of you guys left after Communion dressed for golf. Once again you rose to the occasion and contributed $2647.00 to the Propagation of the Faith for the works of the missions, and for promoting  the Gospel. Thanks for caring for the poor!

We recently found a brick engraver to handle the year and a half old orders. Patience is a virtue! Thanks to all those who were patient in awaiting the order to be filled. I hope to place the bricks in before this Saturday’s Vigil Mass. We did not cash any of the checks until we got the order processed and placed in the fish pond; of course, the checks are stale and we will ask folks to use their discretion in replacing those checks. Over the coming weeks we will return the original checks and process the replacements. After we placed the order we had someone ask to order a brick, though the other bricks were engraved they agreed to take a single order. What I thought I would do is invite folks who want to get an engraved brick, to place an order and I will batch it with this single one and have them all in the fish pond around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Catherine Rein will be out of the office for the next few weeks, and should be back after the Columbus Day weekend. I am leaving on Sunday, traveling to Chicago for the International Stewardship Conference and will be arriving back on Thursday. I want to thank our volunteers who have stepped up to cover certain tasks.

We continue to shake out various technical issues with the LIVESTREAM. As I’ve indicated before, it is a complex system, and we are the first to bring forth this technology. Think about our cars and the problems we  occasionally have with electrical and computer systems, and this should help us understand the complexity of what we have undertaken. We had problems with the 10AM Mass and so it didn’t stream the Mass, but we did get the system up and running for the 7:00om Mass and that was archived and can be accessed via the website.

Father Carmichael