We should always promote the sanctity of life.

Today, Sunday October 6th, is RESPECT LIFE SUNDAY, and at each Mass we will pray that our world may come to deeper levels of respect for the sanctity of life, from the moment of natural conception to natural death. A few may automatically  block this out as it brings forth the politics of Pro-life or Pro-choice. But this day and this issue should be viewed in the bigger picture. When we speak of the dignity of life, it encompasses the human being and the innate dignity that God calls us to show one another and ourselves. We should take time to reflect on these issues of dignity.

A few questions to ponder:

  • Do I honor the first and second commandments to love God with all my strength and by loving my neighbor (even if it’s an enemy)?
  • Do I respect myself and take care of my physical, spiritual and emotional being? Do I see that God loves me, and that I am worthy of other’s love?
  • Do I stand up and promote the morality that Jesus calls us to in the Gospels of the New Testament?
  • Do I have regard for the environment and for being a good steward of the world? Do I look to conserve and recycle for the good of future generations?

We should always promote the sanctity of life. We should also pray for those suffer mental anguish over a past abortion. While we want to encourage those considering abortion to seek the path of life for that fetus, we should also care for their emotional well being and pray that God’s plan for humanity comes through our good works and our struggles to love and be loved. Peace!

Father John F. Carmichael

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