This Tuesday at 7pm, I’ll be meeting with the PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL. We have a full year’s agenda!

This weekend we welcome Bishop John Dooher to the Sunday 11:30 Mass, and thank him for celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation. I know firsthand that he requested to celebrate Confirmation at our parish; it is so nice that he feels our welcome and hospitality. Join me in thanking him for the kindnesses he has extended to this parish as the Regional Bishop over the past 12 years!

This Tuesday at 7pm, I’ll be meeting with the PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL. We have a full year’s agenda!

I am overwhelmed by the response (13 volunteers) we have received on volunteers for cleaning the altar linens. My desire to develop a rotation that would have volunteers cleaning the linens once quarterly is going to see success because of your generous response.

Last week I began rounding up new Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. I know at the Sunday 7:30am Mass I was able to build our ranks by three volunteers, and at the 10:00am Mass we found four new Lectors and two Eucharistic Ministers. Because we had a visiting priest at the 11:30 Mass last week, I was unable to solicit volunteers, and because of Confirmation today, I will have to wait a week. I also want to work on the Sunday 7:00pm Mass, and with that Mass, it’s a little trickier; that Mass has folks from all over the South Shore. To those folks I want you to know you don’t have to be a registered parishioner to become a Lector, and you wouldn’t have to do it every week.

With the new software program, all you have to do is download an app on your phone, and then go into the app and choose the dates you are available…the system is super automated. If you can’t make it, then as soon as you know, hopefully with a week- plus notice, you can go into the app and check off if you can’t make it and an email will go out to others to fill that space. The same will happen with Eucharistic Ministers (you have to be a practicing Catholic and Confirmed) and if we had a few more at the 7:00pm Mass we could have Communion under both species. But all our ministry schedules will flow from this this new program and I think it will greatly enhance everyone’s experience of ministry and with enough volunteers permit someone to cancel and let the system find a replacement.

If you would like to volunteer for one of these ministries, please send an email to and leave your preferred email address and cell phone number (the cell number will be used for the software program and will be used to send text messages only, it won’t be made public).

I am working with the FINANCE COUNCIL and have made a few suggestions for controls and communication. I want to start a subcommittee to help formulate a budget, and I need a few volunteers who do this in their jobs. The group would meet November—February. I’d also like to start publishing a quarterly P&L statement along with comparisons to budgeted amounts.