This weekend we will have folks outside of each Mass asking you to sign a petition which would prohibit the funding by the state of abortions from our taxpayer funds.

I am pleased to let everyone know that Catherine Rein has returned to the office and will be with us for the Sunday 10:00am Mass. She has been missed. She does so much for the parish, and I appreciate the countless folks who have inquired about her. I want to thank all of the religious ed teachers and families for all the support they have extended during her absence. It is a great reflection on the parish that we were able to assist the parish staff when one of our key staff members is away. Welcome back Catherine, so nice to have you back.

This weekend we will have folks outside of each Mass asking you to sign a petition which would prohibit the funding by the state of abortions from our taxpayer funds. I myself object to having taxes subsidize the termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is harmful to a mother physically and psychologically. Such funds should be diverted to counseling for women who felt forced into having an abortion, and to provide financial assistance to young mothers who seek to bring a child into this world. I know that this is a painful and difficult topic, I know the Church’s clear teaching on the sanctity of life, as well as the complications that lead some to choose an abortion. We should not fund something that is clearly not in God’s plan for humankind; rather we should work to provide for the sanctity of life for these women by giving them another alternative that affords them love and compassion. Please consider signing the petitions. Those who are obtaining the signatures will respect your decisions as to whether you sign it or opt out. Thanks for considering it.

As of this past Tuesday, I am told that Bishop John Dooher’s health is improving and that he is doing much better; he was supposed to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation this past Sunday but was admitted to the hospital the day before.

I want to thank Bishop Emilio Allué and Father John Nichols for acting as Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies, respectively. A final thank you to Boston College freshman Connor, who is Bishop Dooher’s Master of Ceremonies who assisted as well Say a prayer that the Blessed Mother lead him to a vocation to the priesthood, as his reverent disposition pointed to his love of the Holy Mass and desire to serve God.

Congratulations to the six Confirmandi who were confirmed: Travis Albert, Ben Burgoyne, Sean Cadorette, Andrew DaPonte, Meagan Logan and John Presley. Each have been very active in our parish life and their parents should be quite proud. I had a good laugh this year, as many of these parents asked me to have photos taken with their kids, which rarely happens, as folks prefer pictures with the bishop…which I completely understand. But I will add, the parents who asked for the photos made me feel quite special. Thanks.

This past Tuesday I met with the PARISH COUNCIL and we had a great meeting, shaping up an ambitious calendar of events for the coming year. I have asked the members to prioritize getting to each meeting as their leadership is crucial to our 75th Anniversary. I will be meeting shortly with the FINANCE COUNCIL. I met with the Vice Chair this past week and laid out a plan for increased reporting to the parish and making improvements to our budgeting process. I want to expand the role of the Council  in our budgeting process. I am looking for volunteers who have financial experience in drawing up budgets. We’d benefit from your help. I would ask you to email me at the parish office to arrange a time for us to discuss our needs and to explain how much time this would require. This is not a huge commitment but it’ll help me a lot.

The ANNUAL MASS OF REMEMBRANCE is Sunday, November 10th at 11:30 Mass. We always hold a reception afterward for the families of those who lost a love one this past year. I need some Hospitality volunteers to make finger sandwiches, potato and macaroni salad and some desserts. Also it’d be helpful to have a few volunteers help set up and break down this event.

Please email the office or see me or Catherine to volunteer for this event. Thanks.