May God reward you with abundant blessings for serving our beloved country . . .

During my junior and senior years of high school, the president was Jimmy Carter (now at age 95, the oldest living President in history), we saw citizens taken hostage in Iran and the cold war was at its height. I remember worrying about going to war with the U.S.S.R. (Russia for our younger parishioners). In my senior year I had to register to a then brand new selective service draft system. I wanted to head to college and was afraid this would interrupt those plans. I was also afraid of having to  fight on a battlefield. I explored serving in the Navy when I finished college and once again in my seminary years, but my career in business and a reluctance by the seminary to have me serve blocked this service.  Nonetheless, I have great admiration for those who serve or have served our country. They have made many sacrifices and have interrupted their personal lives in the service of our country. I, and other non-military folk, appreciate the bravery and selfless acts of all our veterans for you have done what we did not do and for some, could not do. May God reward you with abundant blessings for serving our beloved country.  

As we observe this Veterans Day, let us remember both those who died while serving our country in war, as well as those who served valiantly in one of the branches of the military. I am reminded of two such individuals: Timmy Steele and Anna Cochran. Timmy was a 1st Lt. West Point Graduate, who served in Afghanistan, and he died on the battlefield. Anna Corcoran served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars as a nurse, in the Navy aboard several ships. Anna died at the ripe old age of 91 and had a rich and happy life.  We all know folks who are in active service or who are veterans and as we reach out to thank them for their service, let us especially keep them in our prayers. We have a list of active military members listed in the bulletin; should you have a member whom you would like to add to this list, please email the parish office at God Bless the United States Armed Forces.

Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, and that means we have the annual COOKIE WALK coming up on the morning of Saturday, November 23rd. We are looking for bakers! If you would like to be part of the Committee that runs this event, or if you want to keep it to baking cookies, please contact us through email or call the parish office. We need someone to play Santa . . .we have the costume. This year we will be improving the Christmas Village with brand new houses and displays. This is a nice event to start of the Holiday Season, so please volunteer.

That same weekend (Nov 23-24) I will be blessing any foodstuff or spirits (wine and cider) that you might have at your Thanksgiving table. Just bring your item(s) to one of the weekend Masses, and I will say a prayer over them; afterward you can pick up your food/wine. It is a nice tradition I have seen at other parishes and want to try it here.

The Marshfield Food Pantry wants to remind families that they are located at Library Plaza (1837 Ocean Street).  Their hours of operation are Tuesday and Friday from 9:30am-Noon and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm and every 2nd Saturday from 9:30am-Noon. Each month over 200 families rely on the food pantry for food assistance. We may typically think that those who use the pantry are young families, but it includes a lot of senior citizens living on a fixed, limited income, as well as folks who are living in sober house and trying to live a sober life; recipients come from various walks of live. Thanks for your generous support of this ministry.

It is also time to help the single mothers at JULIE’S LEARNING CENTER by helping them fill their Thanksgiving table. Can you donate a turkey and/or the trimmings? Last year we donated over fifty turkeys, and I hope through your generosity, we may do the same again. God bless your kindness.