This year we are going to concentrate on supporting our ministries with increased training and retreat support. 

This weekend we celebrate the 1ST SUNDAY IN ADVENT,  beginning the new liturgical year. This year we are going to concentrate on supporting our ministries with increased training and retreat support. We ask ministers to support the liturgy by being present when a person is scheduled. In the past we have had a relaxed attitude with folks missing being a Lector, E.M. or Usher, but that has a negative affect on how we celebrate the Eucharist. For example, there are times when several Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are scheduled but don’t show up, which leads me to be distracted at the Communion rite spending more time mentally figuring out getting replacements than on the reverent recitation of the holy prayers. It’s my hope that the new Ministry Scheduler will help us in bringing order to the schedule. I also need folks to be sensitive to their time scheduled to show up. The new software permits someone to go in a week before the scheduled date and click on a button which notifies us of your inability to be here and sends an email to those who normally perform a ministry at that Mass and ask for a replacement. It’s crucial to  show up when scheduled. I realize this is not done on purpose, but prioritizing ministry glorifies God and helps  all.

I’ll be travelling out of town the during the second week of Advent, leaving Monday 12/9 and returning Saturday 12/14. We will have prayer services for most of the week but I hope to have Mass on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don’t take a summer vacation (why would you when you live across from the ocean)  and choose to take it during the winter.

I hope you enjoy the outside decorations. The swags and wreaths so far have cost about $600.00 and the lights on top the church are $950.00. We still need to take care of the poinsettias for the altar and several more wreaths. The CHRISTMAS FLOWER ENVELOPES are in the benches and at the entrance. Your generosity will help us with a very beautiful and festively adorned church, chapel and grounds.

The JESSE TREE is located in the front of the Church and we still have tags on the tree. We are supporting Julie’s House, the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans, Catholic Charities and local families. If you know of someone who is having a tough time financially, or if your family is experiencing such difficulties, please contact the office and we will help you. Thanks to all those who support this ministry – if you want to help sort and/or deliver the gifts, see us or call/email the office.

Thanks to those who gave generously to the Retired Nuns collection. Your generous support has afforded us the ability to send along the proceeds to the Archdiocese. At Christmas Mass we’ll be asking you to help in supporting the retirement and health needs of our priests. I had the opportunity to visit Regina Cleri, the retirement house for many of our senior priests; the residence is located in the West End of Boston. My dad and his group, the ‘Singing Grand Pops’ were performing for the men. It’s great to see how well they are treated and the dignity that is extended to them. Many of the retired priests travel to parishes during the weekends to celebrate mass; many of them provide coverage for the Mass General. We are so blessed to have these men and we should take this coming opportunity to express our gratitude.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to drive by the parish at night so that you can see the Christmas lights we have hung on the edge of the roof. This year we contracted with Christmas Décor to hang the lights. Thanks to Ed Neary for taking care of the lights on the Parish Hall. The Knights of Columbus are putting up the Christmas Creche and the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree. If you’re not a Knight, think about it – it’s a great way to help and get to know other men in the parish. Peace.